Honor Ear Buds Lite, Snug as Bug in a Rug in Your Ears

Image: Honor Earbuds 2 Lite

I recently acquired a pair of Honor Earbuds 2 Lite through a lucky draw at the Honor launch event last month.

Actually, it was a fluke. My husband and I arrived late at the event and just as we took our seats, his name was called. Who knew, right? The moral of the story here is never to attend an event on time!

I’m kidding. Don’t you ever do that! If the time to register is at 6:30 pm, please arrive on time.

But I digress. I’m here to talk about the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite. I’m here to tell you how amazing their Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature is. I’m also here to tell you how snugly they fit your ears that (God forbid!) they don’t creep out of your ears as you’re chewing and fall into the hot steaming bowl of noodles you’re having for lunch while watching Bridgerton on Netflix (I’ve not seen it before but I’m guessing it’s all the rage right now).

I’m here to tell you about those things and more. So, bear with me while I divulge the secrets of those little white things.

Pop ‘Em On and Everything Else Fades Away

That night when I brought the earbuds home to try them out, I realised one thing — how amazing their noise cancellation feature was! The moment I fitted them into my ears, everything else around me faded away. It was THAT good.

Here’s what it says on their official website:

Equipped with active noise cancellation technology, the microphone picks up the noise outside the ear, and the driver generates reverse noise reduction sound waves to eliminate noise, effectively reducing noise interference and bringing comfortable noise reduction effect. Listen as you wish in a clearer and more immersed environment.

Honor Malaysia

They were certainly not kidding. It was a totally immersive experience. Imagine using it while you’re gunning down enemies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, or running circles around a boss in a vet dungeon in The Elder Scrolls Online! But if someone was calling out to you or wants to tell you something easily, touch the earbuds again and rejoin reality. Here’s how to do it the Honor way:

Easily turn on “awareness mode” by pressing and holding the earbud. Without taking off the earbud, you can hear the ambient sound, making the face-to-face communication more comfortable and enjoyable.

Honor Malaysia

Sweet, Crisp Music in Your Ears

Because of the Active Noise Cancelling feature, all you hear are the dulcet tones of Adele or the deep reverberating voice of Frank Sinatra or the alluring notes of Kenny G, Richard Clayderman, or Mozart.

While using them, I played some jazz on Spotify, tuned into Fall Out Boy, and cranked it up with Def Leppard. All throughout the albums, the only thing playing down my external auditory canals (I promise not to get scientific here) was exactly what was playing on Spotify.

The earbuds did such a great job just playing music instead of intertwining reality with it that while listening to Mozart, I accidentally dozed off!

Stay In, Don’t Come Out!

Unlike most people, my ears are pretty small and have never succeeded in keeping any brand of earbuds in. Growing up, I tried using earbuds and earphones but nothing worked. Like cats, they would always want to come out the moment they go in.

But Honor’s Earbuds 2 Lite did a wonderful job in staying IN my ears! I was amazed. In fact, coupled with how their ANC works so well, the moment I popped them in, I could barely hear a thing. I hadn’t played any music yet but I wanted to test them out without any music and feel how much reality I could hear. Almost. Nothing.

Today, I went out for lunch with my husband at a nearby cafe and ordered a spaghetti bolognaise. I opened the case they came in (yes, I bought a neat little Captain America protective armour for it), put each in my ear, and started forking pasta into my mouth. I chewed. I read. I listened. Repeat. I chewed. I read. I… Yes, you get the point.

And… The earbuds stayed where they were meant to be. None of that cheekiness of wanting to nosedive into my bolognaise. Yay! I finished my entire meal with my head full of music.

Close (Too Close!) Storage

The only pet peeve I have about the earbuds was how they are being stored in their pristine white case. If you peer closely at the photo below, you can see how their “legs” are facing the lid.

I’m not sure if other brands have them facing the other way, but plucking them out of their case does pose a challenge. It takes me a full second to get them out. My (clumsy, fat?) fingers keep hitting the lid and the magnetic pull at the base of the case (hey, that rhymed!) keeps yanking them down. It may be the design or Honor may have a reason for why they did what they did.

Or maybe it’s just me not knowing the right way of removing a pair of earbuds from the case. But it is a small price to pay for something so amazing. I wouldn’t trade them in for anything else. I have been using them for two weeks now and the battery life is pretty good. You get 32 hours of battery life which probably equates to 10 hours of music playback (or until you go deaf; I hope not).

The Honor Earbuds 2 Lite may be small but they certainly have a loud sound stage. I try not to use them for too long anyway, seeing how my ears aren’t accustomed to long periods of in-ear music. But I love them and I carry them everywhere with me now.

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