Making Fitness Fun with the HONOR Band 6

The last fitness smartwatch I used was the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It was bigger (for someone with small wrists, chunky is the last thing on your mind when it comes to being fashionable). Unless that’s what you want. So, I went back on the market for a smaller fitness tracker and one that won’t break my bank.

But first, I needed to do my own homework and what better way than to figure it out than to review the HONOR Band 6! I was given the opportunity to review the fitness band and after 3 weeks, these are some reasons why I like the fitness tracker.

A fitness tracker like no other

Designed to keep up with young professionals on the go, the HONOR Band 6 is the latest addition to HONOR’s premium wearable line-up, delivering an all-new and improved user experience.

The HONOR Band 6 boasts a large 1.47-inch AMOLED screen that has 148% more display area than its predecessor, offering a bigger and more comfortable viewing experience.

The fitness band has more than enough battery life (up to 14 days) to keep you going. It also comes with a wide range of robust fitness and health tools to help you reach your workout goals and embrace a healthy lifestyle, while enjoying seamless connectivity with your mobile phone.

The allure of an aesthetic design

The HONOR brand began life on its own after separating from Huawei back in 2020. Yet, it would appear that the Band 6 still adopted a design approach that mirrored Huawei’s. It also uses the same software and Huawei Health companion app when you’re setting things up.

The design of the Band 6 differs from the Band 5, starting with a black 43 mm sized case that measures 11 mm thick and weighs at just 18g. Even with the strap attached, the fitness band did not feel heavy. The strap colours come in Coral Pink, Meteorite Black, and Sandstone Grey.

On the lighter side of life

The Meteorite Black landed on my doorstep, looking great in all its elegance while a little plain but it was comfortable to wear, wrapping securely to my wrist and hadn’t given me any reason to remove it. Sometimes, I even forgot it was there because it felt so light!

The HONOR Band 6 may not necessarily be the most stylish fitness tracker out there, but its bigger screen and comfortable fit are two reasons why I think you should get it.

The bigger display also means that the Band 6’s features are more fun to use. You can swipe up from the main watch screen to see your notification stream, which I used for WhatsApp and Telegram. Each app icon appeared on the side that clearly identified where they came from. The only downside is that you can’t respond to the notifications. Nevertheless, this shortcoming was not a dealbreaker for me.

Other features included music controls and weather forecasts that were well optimised for that larger screen and figuring out the software was pretty easy. What really caught my attention was the ability to upload photos when creating more personalised watch faces (as shown in the first photo at the beginning of the review). That really spoke to me!

The HONOR Band 6 is compatible with Android and Apple mobile phones. However, the most complete support you’d get would most probably be for Android users. This gives you the ability to view notifications coming from native and third-party apps.

What do you think?

I think it is a pretty good option. For a price tag of less than RM 200, you get great battery life, personalisation and customisation, a bright and cheerful display, and a fitness tracker that lives up to its name as, well, a fitness tracker!

The HONOR Band 6 is now available in Coral Pink, Meteorite Black, and Sandstone Grey at RM 189 on LAZADA and Shopee via the HONOR Flagship Store.


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