My Heart Goes Out to the Orlando Victims.

A short post today, after reading all the reports and post-mortem articles on the Orlando shooting:

My condolences to the victims of the shooting, and their families. I pray that they will find some calm and peace amidst the rocky waves of terror and fear. No human being should ever have to go through this.

But I have seen one too many detective series to think that this was purely an act of sin committed by one human being. I’m not excusing his behaviour for whatever triggered his actions, but I believe there could be more at stake than his claim on having connections to the Islamic terrorist cell groups.

Reports from his ex-wife had pointed him to be an aggressive and bipolar individual. His ex-classmates thought he was gay (if that was what he wanted them to believe from his countless appearances at gay clubs). If he was truly gay but wasn’t allowed to show that side of him, he may have acted out in rebellion. If he wasn’t gay, then he could have been homophobic and wanted to rid the world of gays. Either way, there is no excuse for what he did.

Whoever is the next POTUS will have a lot on his or her plate, served to him or her with a side of vinegar (because vinegar has a strong acidic taste, which is what the POTUS will feel when faced with the situation and how to handle it).

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