The Adventures of Working Remotely.

Image credits: Huffington Post.

If you’re anything like me, you will probably have the option and the flexibility to work at the office or remotely from home. Oh, and if you’re anything like me, you will find that working remotely isn’t all that it seems to be.

Once upon a time, when I took on my first job, I used to wish that life could be like the good ol’ college days. Where your assignments and study sessions were almost always completed at home, but these could also be completed in the library, the study lounge, or in your classmate’s house if it is a group project.

Back then, I hadn’t known any better and whatever work threw at me, I used to pick it up and throw it right back. Now that I’m actively working from the marble dining table of the condominium that I’m sharing with my husband (who happens to be a project manager with neither an office nor a cubicle to be in), I wonder if this is really what I want in the future.

If you’re anything like me and have a pet at home, you will start wondering why were you so adamant to sit at home and work in the first place. You end up pandering to your pet’s needs more than the PowerPoint deck that you’re preparing for your next big meeting with your clients.

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I have a cat and he never stops meowing for something, anything. I can give him all the food in the world, the toys, the TLC and play-time, yet he still meows. Only God knows what he wants because I don’t speak cat.

If a problem arises at home but you have no idea where it’s coming from. For Christ’s sake, what is that smell? And where is it coming from? Oh my God, what do I do now? Where is that deodorising-disinfectant spray? Don’t bother with those perfumed sprays. They don’t always work when you want them to. Go for a solution of 1-part white vinegar and 1-part water. Put that in a spray bottle and a few spritzes may make your home smell like sushi rice but it helps to remove bad smells. Trust me. I’ve tried it and it works.

What’s worse than bad smells is a line of ants trekking its way across your table and making a beeline for your water bottle. Never mind why they want to ambush your water bottle, but where the heck are they coming from? This time, you abandon your financial spreadsheet and take on the role of an undercover agent, with a weapon in hand and a flashlight in the other.

My weapon of choice is none other than the vinegar spray. It does work wonders! Don’t worry, this isn’t a sponsored ad. I just think you should try it out. Take all your items off the table and spray a few times onto the surface. Have a rag or old cloth ready to wipe the table. The vinegar masks the scent trail that the ants have left and after a few times of doing this, the ants will stop coming. For me, the ants HAVE stopped coming.

After many hours of sitting, you find your eyes getting tired. Do you stop working to take a short nap, only to find that you’ve been asleep for the past two hours and your boss has been pinging you on the chat messenger group? After all, what’s stopping you? The couch is there, all cozied up with a couple of throw pillows. Or the bed that you woke up in this morning, all tucked up with a blanket and your bolster.

Oh, look, it’s that time of the day again. What’s for lunch? As if dinnertime isn’t any better when you ask your spouse what’s for dinner.

Unless you have a personal chef, you’re probably making cheese sandwiches, overnight oats, noodle soups, French toast, scrambled eggs with couscous and bacon, etc. That’s what I do. If you’re a loyal follower of Pinterest, you may have more ideas than I do. But do you have the drive to recreate the meals? Everyday while you’re working at home?

Working at home has its perks but it also has its downsides, and these are the ones that we should be mindful about when we ask for this option from our immediate superiors. It’s probably worse if you have young children to look after as well, though I really do salute the mothers who can juggle both work and children.

Image credits: Mrs D plus 3.

If you have a strong and disciplined mind, then you’re all set. But if you’re anything like me, easily distracted and all that, then you will have a problem getting work done. You can see RantChic for 10 more reasons why working from home may be more challenging than you think.

Now excuse me while I search my kitchen for some grub. It is coming closer to lunch time, after all.

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