Casio W-800H-1AV: Your Companion That Stands the Test of Time

There were days when I was ready to go out, whether for an event, dinner or just a quick dash out to the supermarket.

Only to find that my smartwatch is languishing at 5% battery charge. Crap, I totally forgot to charge it overnight!

Mind you, smartwatches are great. Until they’re not. And it’s usually when it needs a full charge. So, you need a backup. And my backup watch is none other than the good ol’ reliable Casio.

Pic taken from The Watch Blog

A majority of watch collectors and the older generations out there owe a debt of gratitude to Casio watches.

For many of us, a Casio was our first watch — whether it was gifted or self-purchased (remember the Casio G-Shock series?). What I find interesting when reflecting on this is how a watch brand like Casio can have such a core identity in both modern timekeeping as well as foundational watch collecting, that even today, it has not gone out of fashion.

The Birth of the Casio Brand

Casio is one of the most well-known brands worldwide, and for decades, the Japanese company has been producing high-quality watches to meet market demand. Alongside their range of watches is a huge selection of other electronic products, including calculators and musical instruments.

The brand name may be synonymous with watches but the company didn’t kick off selling timepieces:

  • 1946: Casio was founded in Japan by Tadao Kashio
  • 1949: He and his brothers started producing electronic calculators
  • 1970: The company became a household name across the world
  • 1974: The Casio watch was refined and became an immediate hit
  • 1984: Water-resistant and shockproof G-Shock watches were released
  • 1990: Lighter and more stylish Baby-G became a fashion icon

“Casing” the W-800H-1AV

Casio may be known largely for their G-Shock series but they have also made some refined digital watches.

Case in point — the W-800H-1AV — why this is a name, I haven’t got a clue. I’m sure there is a reason for this, but it does make it difficult for me to remember.

Pic taken by the author

The W-800H’s build is made with black resin, along with the straps which are soft to the touch, flexible, and easily adjustable. There are 12 holes punched into the watch straps, giving you an option of how loose or tight you want the watch to be.

However, on smaller wrists like mine, the straps may offer an overhang (I use the third last hole, so there is an extra bit that sticks out).

The material gives it a feather-light feel that is common with Casio watches. At the back of the watch is a stainless steel case back with text that details the water resistance and movement, as well as a “Made in China” engraving.

Pic taken by the author

“Screening” the Design of the W-800H-1AV

Scattered along the screen’s periphery are printed texts showcasing the various functions of the watch — Adjust, Mode, Light, and 12/24H.

The bottom of the screen bezel denotes the 100m water resistance, while the bezel at the top is the Casio brand name along with the disclaimer of a 10-year battery life in red. The bottom of the screen itself shows the year in all four digits followed by the date and month in a number format.

Setting up the watch requires a bit of dexterity as the buttons on each side are rather small and almost flat towards the watch’s face. There are three acronyms you will need to know — SNZ, ALM, and SIG:

  • SNZ is the snooze function when setting the alarm of the watch
  • ALM is the sign of the alarm toggle
  • SIG is the famous hourly beep the watch emits at the top of the hour
Pic taken by the author

So, Why is it a Lifesaver?

Remember when I was talking about smartwatches and battery life?

This is why.

Set in red at the bezel on top of the watch’s face is the 10-year battery life. Now you don’t get to see very often a smartwatch that lasts for 10 years and goes without a single charge.

Almost every smartwatch you see in the market today requires at least a full charge every 2–3 days, while some can go for a week or two. When it comes to making quick stops at your neighbourhood supermarket, you can simply strap the Casio on and walk out the door.

But, wait. It does sound like everything is going well for the watch, huh? I do have one pet peeve — the backlight function. It is available but it isn’t the brightest and lasts only for about two seconds at a time.

Should You Get a Casio?

While smartwatches are the trend today, not many will want to fall back on a watch that only tells the time and nothing more.

The Casio is a great choice for those seeking a daily timepiece for work or general use. Assuming you still want one, I’m hoping these reasons can help you decide:

  • Durability: This outfit accessory can withstand most day-to-day tasks
  • Water resistance: The 100m water resistance rating is a great watch for those who work outdoors. You can shower, wash your hands, and dive to 30 metres with the watch. You don’t have to submerge it in a bed of rice overnight.
  • Lowkey and understated: This watch comes with a black resin material, there is nothing flashy or fancy about it. You can walk around, swing your arms back and forth, and it will not be a target for pickpockets and thieves.
  • Affordability: If you break it, lose it, or it somehow still gets stolen (shame on you!), you would not have lost too much money. It can easily be replaced.

By the way, have I already mentioned the 10-year battery life?


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