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Of Easter and Christ on April Sunday.

Hi folks, it’s Easter today. I hope I’m not too late to wish you guys a Happy Easter Sunday! Is everyone sweating it out in Cadbury’s Easter Egg Chocolate Hunt? Or better yet, your own Easter egg chocolate hunt in your very own backyard? Perhaps you’re participating in your neighbourhood church’s Easter Sunday mass.

Whatever your activity is today, I hope you are enjoying yourself and having a super happy fun time! I don’t celebrate the same events as you guys do, but I do want to buy a chocolate egg for myself for personal consumption (and also to commemorate the day with everyone!). On a lighter note, here’s a simple infographic I created just for today!

Happy reading!

Happy Easter

Solidarity in Football

The 1914 Christmas Day truce between Germany and Britain. | Photo by Freedom Outpost.

In 1914, a truce was unofficially called out by both the German and British soldiers on Christmas Day. Thus, the Armistice Day football match took place at Dale Barracks between German soldiers and Royal Welsh fusiliers. Click here for more information on this historical day.

There was a show of solidarity in sports, especially football during these difficult times. Now, the time has come to put solidarity on top again, this time in support of France after terrorists attacked Paris on Friday, 13 November 2015, last week, resulting in a loss of 129 lives. England will face France, the hosts of the UEFA Euro 2016 championship next year, at the Wembley Stadium in Britain for a friendly match. France agreed to “keep calm and carry on” playing despite losing many of its French citizens, including some relatives of the French players, on that fateful Friday. One wonders if the date, Friday the 13th, had anything to do with the attacks, or was it just a mere coincidence.

According to France captain and Tottenham Hotspurs goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, “The match at Wembley will be a ‘great moment of solidarity’. The last three days were dramatic and emotional for the national team. I will respect the decision to play the game, despite some initial concerns from my teammates.” – Source: BBC Sport.

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and President of the Football Association, will be joining the throngs of football supporters at the Wembley Stadium as a show of support, solidarity and defiance for France over the Paris attacks. At least 90,000 fans are expected to turn up at the stadium, including 1,400 travelling supporters. Britain is determined to show that good will always triumph over evil, and that terrorists will never win. As a result of this, the security for the match will be tripled with armed policemen on duty outside the stadium to ensure that everything will go well and that everyone will be safe. – Source: The Telegraph.

For the sake of France and England’s football teams, Prince William and all the innocent supporters around the world, I ask God (even though I’m not Christian) to shield them from all else that is dark and evil. Let them have the match they so deserve. Let them play in peace. Secure them in all that’s holy. I don’t think the world can take another devastation after the weekend fiasco. Amen.