A Timeless Tale of Beauty and Nostalgia.

Recently in Malaysia, the movie Beauty and the Beast had garnered negative attention when the Censorship Board spotted what they interpreted as a gay moment during the song and dance between the pompous Gaston, his sidekick LeFou and the townspeople. Apparently said "gay moment" occurred when LeFou lifted up his shirt to show the love bite … Continue reading A Timeless Tale of Beauty and Nostalgia.


Movie Review: The Jungle Book.

Watching The Jungle Book movie last night brought back so many childhood memories. As a child, I had watched the cartoon over and over again. The man-cub Mowgli surviving in the animal kingdom in the forest with the comical Baloo the bear, the ever-serious Bagheera the black panther, the sneaky Kaa the snake, the vengeful … Continue reading Movie Review: The Jungle Book.