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Of Easter and Christ on April Sunday.

Hi folks, it’s Easter today. I hope I’m not too late to wish you guys a Happy Easter Sunday! Is everyone sweating it out in Cadbury’s Easter Egg Chocolate Hunt? Or better yet, your own Easter egg chocolate hunt in your very own backyard? Perhaps you’re participating in your neighbourhood church’s Easter Sunday mass.

Whatever your activity is today, I hope you are enjoying yourself and having a super happy fun time! I don’t celebrate the same events as you guys do, but I do want to buy a chocolate egg for myself for personal consumption (and also to commemorate the day with everyone!). On a lighter note, here’s a simple infographic I created just for today!

Happy reading!

Happy Easter

Ushering in the New Year with Food and Friends.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already the new year, guys! It’s January 1, 2017 today. How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve? With a display of fireworks in the sky? By popping the wine and champagne bottles? Getting drunk and teeter-tottering along the sidewalks, singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’? Regardless of how you celebrated the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, we are all lucky to have been able to wake up on the first day of the new year with a fresh mind.

Here’s how I celebrated my New Year’s Eve — with friends, fun and food! It was my first potluck dinner party yesterday which I cooked up a pot of herbed and spiced couscous with roasted red and yellow bell peppers and streaky smoked bacon (photo below). I added black pepper, parmesan cheese and paprika for the extra taste. I was a bit apprehensive as to what the reception would be for my couscous but I was relieved when my friends helped themselves to second and third servings. One of them even took the remainder home for her sister! I was very pleased indeed.

My husband cooked his first dish of ‘kangkung belacan’, a Malaysian version of spinach in spicy chilli paste. There were many recipes for it online but seeing as it was his first time making that dish, I suggested he buy the ready-made paste instead of making it from scratch. We made a mistake with the portion of spinach to buy as the uncooked bunch had looked like it could feed six people. Only after cooking the vegetables did we realise that it certainly wasn’t going to feed six hungry mouths. Well, there’s always a next time then!


My friend lives in Selayang, which was quite a distance from where we currently live so it took us quite some time on a few highways before reaching our destination. Thanks to Waze, we avoided a number of backed-up roads carrying all forms and manners of the New Year’s Eve revellers. It was dinner-time when everyone arrived! We had lasagna (prepared by the hostess), fried chicken (courtesy of a friend who came yesterday), couscous (cooked by yours truly), kangkung belacan (made by my husband), raspberry chocolate tart (baked by the sister of another friend who came yesterday), salted gula melaka chocolate truffles (by cocoraw) and 2 bottles of wine (a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay). It was a lot of food indeed for just six people.







After dinner, we adjourned (the hostess’ favourite word of the night!) to the living room where we made ourselves comfortable and played a game called ‘Who is the Impostor?’. It is an app which you can download onto your smartphone via Apple iStore or Google Play and have at least 6-12 people playing with you.

It truly is a game wholly suitable for parties where many people can join in the fun. All you have to do is to keep guessing and wondering which one of your friends is being deceptive. From singing to silly accents and hotly contested facts, your best description is your secret weapon used to describe your top secret word and convince your friends that you are not the Impostor. Play words from dozens of different themes from things you see around the house, celebrities, food, pop references… You can even send in your very own ideas!

The rule is to play with two friends or more, at least up to 12 people. The game works in 10 languages based on your smartphone settings, and can easily be turned into a drinking game as well! You also have the option to save your own player photo selfies or share them right onto Facebook. Based on how much deception we had last night, there wasn’t a time when the fun would ever stop.

We played right up to midnight, when the clock struck 12 to mark the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. We celebrated with more wine and laughter, some group photos taken in the middle of the street of the residential neighbourhood, followed by some more wine and tasty treats… We stayed up a little longer until one of them had to leave. The rest of us spent the remaining hours talking until the hostess herself fell asleep on the carpet in her living room. That was the signal for us to take our leave. It was indeed the best night ever!


My husband and I had the best sleep of our lives after having consumed so much wine. I came home with a swollen lymph node after having drank more wine than usual. When we woke up on a brand new day almost at lunch time, all we wanted to eat was something simple. Above is my homemade version of a Neapolitana pasta with nothing but tomato paste, parmesan cheese and herbs.

So, what are you looking forward to in your 2017? What will your new year resolutions be? I, for one, would love to be more active this year and maybe work towards getting a promotion as well. Since it was so hard to get confirmed which I eventually did. Now to get that promotion too, which is just as hard as getting a confirmation. Oh and I also plan to make more time for myself to do the things I love to do, like reading more, typing on my typewriter more, saving more money so I can go for more vacations…

Four Birthdays at Portofino and a Crying Child.

Seriously, what are the odds of celebrating your birthday on the same day at the same place with three other people? With mine, there were FOUR people celebrating their special days that same night!

Last Friday, December 2, had been the first significant turning point of my life. Many of my friends had already turned thirty and my birthday being the last month in the calendar meant that I was one of the few who would turn a year older. While others are preparing to celebrate Christmas and eventually New Year’s Eve, here I am celebrating my birthday.

I can’t believe I have just turned thirty, though. I remember the movie, 13 Going on 30, with Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer and Andy Serkis in it. Thirty, flirty and thriving. Nope, I’m not feeling the flirty and thriving vibes. Then again, I really don’t feel like there is any difference at all.

My twenties had been a turbulent, ten-year tenure. I changed courses so many times in my early twenties that resulted in me graduating from university in my late twenties. By the time I secured my first job, I had been very far behind my peers in terms of lifetime achievements. I got married six months after securing my second job. Within the last two years before turning thirty, I had lost five jobs )and a proud owner of two mischievous cats). Sometimes, I find it hard when people say that age is just a number. All I can say is that I’m finally starting what seems to be my first real and serious job now. Which some would say could be the defining moment of the start of my career.

A couple of days before, I told my parents that I’d like to have my 30th dinner at a different restaurant this year. For many years and also because of my love for all things sushi and sashimi, I’ve been having my birthday dinners at Rakuzen, a Japanese restaurant with branches in Oasis Square (Ara Damansara), Tropicana City Mall, Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre, and Bangsar Village, to name a few. This year, I suggested having it at Portofino instead, an Italian restaurant in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. I did a food review post on it once before.

How was I to know that there had been three other bookings at that very same restaurant to celebrate their birthdays there as well? What are the odds, right? Never mind that the restaurant was packed to the brim with celebrators but there was even a table of a family of four with a crying, screaming child!

A bright and shiny Christmas tree lit up the whole restaurant upstairs.

That night, I stayed off ordering a main course for myself because I’ve been wanting to try their pannacotta for quite some time.

My mum had always had a say in my decisions of wanting to eat creamy and fat-friendly desserts; with the conversation always leading to me gaining weight through these desserts. That night was my night and I said that I would sample a little off each person’s plate (yeah, it’s a practice within my family; more towards my mum because she doesn’t eat as much as she used to) so that I’d have space for dessert. I usually have a main course (steak, chicken or pasta) and by the time I was done, I wouldn’t be able to have desserts.

So my family all had something for themselves and my plate was passed along like a game of musical chairs, stopping only for each person to add a tasty morsel to my plate. That way, I wouldn’t waste food if I couldn’t finish and wouldn’t overeat either. By the time my plate came back to me, it was a smorgasbord of potato wedges, pieces of chicken chop, slices of steak, a forkful of spinach lasagna and some vegetable salsa.


I also went for a glass of lychee mojito which was quite refreshing considering that it had rained that evening and the atmosphere was more chilly than usual. I couldn’t quite taste the lychee though, but the lime, mint and ice made it turn out just right.

Portofino is a great place, don’t get me wrong. If I could, I’d like to go and have my meals there once in awhile. Although, you might want to make a call to the restaurant first, especially when you are planning on celebrating an occasion. Find out from the staff if the place is crowded or fully booked. The last thing you want is to be crammed into an area so crowded you can barely hear your own thoughts! Despite the overwhelming number of people, the service remained spot-on and the waiters still managed to serve you with a smile. Now that’s what I call ‘good service‘!