About Me

Writer with An Eye For Errors

Yes, that’s what I am. I love to write but I hate errors. I can’t stand grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, ridiculously-worded phrases and common punctuation problems. If I had to read an article online strewn with errors, I’d close the link before you can say, “WAIT!”

I’d love to grow as a writer, whether I’m doing SEO writing or writing for the web (doing features and researching for topics). I also have dreams of writing and publishing my own books one day! Although with my current full time role as a Marketing Executive, free time to sit and write is rather hard to come by.

It’s not easy, where I’m coming from, but it doesn’t mean I’m about to give up my dreams that easily.

Reader with A Voracious Appetite

I love to read and judging from my growing lists of books that I’ve read and books I don’t have but would love to buy, you could say that I’m a reader with a voracious appetite! mostly fiction and fantasy.

My idea of paradise is staying home on a Friday night, reading in bed, cozy under the covers, with a hot cup of tea. It’s my nightly ritual before I sleep.

Painting For Stress Relief

Besides reading and writing, I have a tendency to dabble a little in the magic of creative arts.

My job can get rather stressful at times so another way to manage my stress is through painting. I bought myself an adult colouring book from Johanna Basford and recently invested some money in a set of 15 watercolours and Aquash paintbrushes by Pentel.

I’ve never looked back since!

Photography Enthusiast

I enjoy a spot of photography too, though less of a job and more as a hobby. For this, I use a Samsung NX Mini and my trusty smartphone, the Redmi Note 3.

Having said all that above, my interests aren’t just limited to the the creative arts. Other interests include listening to music (via my Nero Air 3 Bluetooth radio by Vinnfier), watching movies that don’t drain my brain (mostly action, romance, cartoon and/or animation), a love-hate relationship with Barclay’s football club Arsenal, RPG gaming, swimming, cycling, fast cars, and superbikes!

Yup, I’m not your average girl-next-door.