A Back-Breaking, Neck-Aching Process

Photo by MARK S. on Unsplash

I’m pretty sure everyone would have heard of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic by now. Many countries have initiated a lockdown and people are instructed to stay at home unless there is an emergency.

It took Malaysia a long time before initiating the lockdown status, not before our total number of cases went into the hundreds and two recorded deaths yesterday as a result of stupidity and stubbornness.

All non-essential businesses and educational institutions were instructed to close for the next two weeks, from the 18th of March until the end of the month. Only supermarkets, grocery stores, banks and other medical institutions would remain open. Restaurants as well, I’m sure, but we won’t be allowed to dine in. The only option we would have is for takeaway or delivery.

And the situation has even called for social distancing which is probably something we introverts are already doing!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

But I have a bone to pick with the lockdown status. The announcement made by our Prime Minister sent Malaysians into mass hysteria, causing everyone to wipe out almost every shelf at our local supermarkets. People are mistaking this hunker-down period for a zombie apocalypse! It’s not the end of the world, you guys. The fact that food deliveries are still running means there is still some semblance of living and existing.

Buy only what you will need for the next two weeks. Please tell me you have a plan on how to store or freeze the extra food you bought or else it will go to waste. And there is nothing more devastating than the viral pandemic than food waste. Extra portions that could have gone to people who needed it more than you.

The other thing I wanted to highlight is the idea of working from home. I know many of you could probably work from home the way you would work from any place you’ve been to — it could be your favourite cafe, or the restaurant nearby that serves up your favourite fried noodles, or at a shared co-working space.

Well, good for you because it doesn’t bode well with me. Don’t feel bad because this is only how I feel and you could be a WFH Champ for all I know!

My first day of working from home today and it has been the most unproductive one ever! Out of the many things on my ever-growing to-do list, I only managed to complete two. My teammates and I spent most of the day trying to figure out how Zoom works to host meetings with one another.

Photo by Samule Sun on Unsplash

At the office, we have ergonomic chairs designed to support your back. At home, the chairs that I have aren’t the least bit ergonomic.

Chairs designed for the dining table aren’t meant for long hours of sitting, working and gaming. Every hour, I’d have to get up and walk around before coming back. I can hear you telling me to take up residence on my bed or on the couch. I know I could except that I might end up nodding off if said bed or couch gets too comfortable. Then again, I might try the couch idea tomorrow and see what my lower back or neck thinks about it.

What about Internet connection? What about it? I had no problems getting connected today but I had a couple of teammates who could only start working an hour after they were supposed to start. Throughout the entire day, we crossed our fingers in hopes that whatever connection we had wouldn’t escape us. I guess not everyone has the privilege of paying for a fast Wi-Fi subscription package!

Welp, it’s only day one and I have another 13 days to go. I am so not looking forward to this. I’d rather be back out there (since it’s only a viral pandemic and not a zombie apocalypse) than busting my back while trying to get things done.

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