Are Laptops Better than Cat Beds? Your Cat Thinks So

This one’s mine. Said every cat ever.


Are you inspired to complete your thesis?
Planning to finish writing that long-awaited novel?
Or it’s that infernal presentation that your boss has been harping about?

Whatever the reason, you brew yourself a hot cup of coffee and fire up the laptop. You’re about to do some serious typing when something brushes up against your leg. You look down in search of the culprit but catch nothing. You turn your attention back to your laptop and…

Hello, what have we here?

Your beloved cat has taken up residence on your keyboard. And to think you had that grand plan to get your feline friend a fancy cat tree-and-bed combo. It even came with free catnip!

Why, kitty, why?

Are you trying to annoy us? Probably. Are you trying to sabotage our career? Nah, it can’t be. Although it could be a move in your master plan to achieve world domination, right? Or at least get our undivided attention, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

Not every cat behaves like this but we can agree that feline behaviour, in general, isn’t always easy to understand.

Not when it comes to computers, though. And laptops. And keyboards.

We suspect these reasons are why your cat behaves the way it does.

Interesting texture

Cats are attracted to soft things, like your bed, your pillow, and your stomach (notice how everything belongs to you) and they want to knead those things! Your keyboard may not be soft but the keys give way when pressed, resulting in a similar sensation that cats enjoy.


When you type, it looks like you’re kneading your keyboard. Yes, we really NEED it too. But to cats, if you’re kneading something for a good hour, it must be pretty good and too tempting to pass up. “Meow! I’m here,” said your cat.

A warm furnace

Another thing that cats love is to be warm, and there is no warmer place than your laptop. Not too warm, but still warmer than the cold hard (unforgiving) floors.


You’ve been pounding that keyboard all morning and your laptop is heating up like a furnace. Your cat knows that and like every other cat, they lie in wait until you’ve gotten up to use the loo or refill your coffee pot and usurp your keyboard.

Territorial tendencies

Cats are territorial, whether they’re big cats, small cats, wild cats… Ah, you get the point. They aren’t always polite about it and they’d usually claim their territories through scent and pheromones. So when your pet catwalks (pun intended) across your laptop, they end up rubbing their tails or butting their heads against the screen.


They are coyly saying that they “hope you enjoy working on MY laptop, human”. They don’t really know how to use a laptop, but that doesn’t stop them from claiming it. In the cat world, rubbing your laptop and walking across it means the laptop is now theirs.

Yes, but actually no…

This sounds complicated but they don’t want you to know they want your attention, even if they do want your attention. Yup.


They see this “thing” you’re so focused on, and your cat feels jealous. Or maybe they just want to be near their favourite human — you! “How could my human be doing anything but loving meow?”

And they want to remind you that you should be focusing on the most important thing in the room (them) by walking across your keyboard so you’d take notice. Subtle? Nope. Effective? Certainly! Well, you saw them. Challenge accepted. Mission accomplished!

By the way…

How long have you been sitting at your laptop today? An hour? Two? Five? Time to take a break. Go pet your kitty. Or go grab a bite to eat. A cappuccino would be nice. Hope you enjoyed reading the article! Let me know if you’d like to read more topics like this in the comments below!

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