Achieve Financial Joy by Decluttering Your Wallet.


It is in my pocket, in my bag, in my wallet, and on my mind, every hour of the day!

Want to achieve financial joy? Manage your wallet with these three steps, the KonMari way!

If you’re a devotee of Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo, you must be a big believer in her method of decluttering. The KonMari method encourages people to cherish the things that spark joy in their lives and get rid of the rest.

Did you know that you can apply her method to your personal finances as well? Financial experts believe there is a lot of value in embracing the method when it comes to dealing with monetary matters. In personal finance, the simpler you can make things, the better the decisions you tend to make.

With that philosophy in mind, here’s how to give your wallet a makeover to spark some financial joy along the way.

Cancelling Your Cards


This is a great way to streamline your finances. You can find one that fits all your spending needs, or you can leave them at home. Keep in mind that cancelling a card can lower your credit score and increase your overall credit utilization, depending on how you use them.

Use Card Instead of Cash


Another way to reduce that wallet weight is to leave the extra cash baggage in your bank account and use that card for your purchases instead. It’s a lot safer, too, and your wallet will thank you for not stuffing it like a Christmas turkey!

Pay Your Way with QR Pay


In fact, with the latest trend of paying via a QR code, you don’t even need to carry a card! All you’ll need is your smartphone and whatever payment app the merchant is using. Simply login to the app, scan the code provided by the merchant, and there you go. Easy, convenient and efficient!



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