My Fuss-Free Vacation to Malacca.


They say travelling broadens the mind, nourishes the soul and heightens the senses. They also said that travelling can reduce stress because it is something we enjoy doing and an activity that doesn’t kill us like our jobs do. Except that it does drain your bank account if you don’t plan carefully.

The whole of last year in 2018 was one of my worst years ever. I lost my job twice. My husband lost his job twice. And we were floundering under massive tonnes of financial debt. The monthly instalment of our condo needed to be paid. We were behind schedule in paying our maintenance fees. What little financial aid I could find went into paying the bills. It was a nightmare.

And one we couldn’t escape from either. Travelling was definitely out of the question.

The new year of 2019 looked a little brighter in a sense that I did get a job two months before 2018 ended, before realising in my third month that it wasn’t working out. It didn’t matter though as I’d managed to save up as much as I could do splurge on a much-needed, long-awaited vacation. Even if it’s to a local state like Malacca, anywhere but home was our desperate attempt to escape reality.


On the recommendation of an ex colleague-turned-friend, we booked ourselves into a boutique hotel called Muk by Victoria Home. It was our first time staying there for the next 4 days and 3 nights and it didn’t disappoint.

The property was a light gray-coloured corner lot in Jalan Tengkera with two floors plus a ground floor and 40 rooms. Each room was designed with a minimalist touch in mind, an interior that would have made Marie Kondo proud! To some, it might have looked like a threadbare room, a little like an upscale prison unit but to us, we were delighted!

Ours was a deluxe room that came with a king-sized bed, a wardrobe, a place for our luggage, a desk, and side aisle for coffee-and-tea making facilities, a half-floor-length mirror, and a bathroom. All these came with light-coloured wood panelling that brought out the simplicity of the room, yet still retaining its elegance.

Even the lighting oozed luxury with a faded sense of romance. You could dim the lights or switch them off completely, leaving the lights built into the headboard of the bed as your guide. It was simply exquisite and I loved the room! Now if only I could do the same for my home!


The bathroom came with tiled walls and flooring, but with the same latte-coloured wood panelling and a white-stone marble for the sink. I liked the white porcelain, round bowl sink. It looked like a massive, powdered doughnut! That way, though, you wouldn’t have water splashing outside the rims when you’re washing up in the morning!


The bathroom came with toiletries provided, such as the shampoo and shower gel shown above. It wasn’t filled in your regular plastic bottles. At least you could say that the staff put in some effort to make the place look liveable. Doesn’t the wood panelling look simply divine to you?


The property even had their own reading space, complete with two wooden tables, four brown beanbags, and a mounted shelf of books. I didn’t spend any time here, though. Why would I, in a way, when I had my comfortable bed in the room? Various types and genres of books were left on the shelves. I didn’t manage to ask the staff if I could just leave mine here for other people to read.

You can view more of the photos I took of my Malacca trip here in my Facebook album.

While staying in my hotel room proved heavenly, it doesn’t pay to come all the way to Malacca and stay indoors. A state with over 600 years of history, dating back to the 1400s when Malacca was established by Parameswara, the first Sultan of Malacca. You’d be hard-pressed not to visit the historical sites, such as The Stadthuys, the A’Famosa Fort, St. John’s Fort, St. Paul’s Church, and many more!

For more information on these sites to visit and how you can get there, you can find them here at Malacca by

The trip to Malacca wasn’t our first gig, nor will it be our last. So visiting historical sites wasn’t a part of our plan. The trip was meant to be a celebration of our 5th anniversary (that special day falls on February 12 every year), a much-needed holiday to escape the mundaneness of reality, and to visit my husband’s relatives who still resided in Malacca.

But we did make some allowances for ourselves. After all, we were on holiday, right? So we decided to hit the road and hunt down some delicious Malaccan street food and the Nyonya cuisines!


If you’re planning to visit Malacca, do it over the weekend as a particular street and night market comes alive only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. And it would be a shame if you missed this amazing fanfare that you can only enjoy at Jonker Street.

Book a guesthouse or an affordable hostel that is within walking distance to Jonker Street. Head out at 6:00pm when the stalls are all ready for your patronage. When you get there, what greets your sights and senses is a wide array of food, drinks and desserts as far as the eye can see (or as deep as your stomach can go!).

There are amazing spreads of yummy delicious treats that I can’t list down here so go to to get a glimpse of all the face-stuffing you’re probably missing out on. If that’s not enough, here’s a Traveloka blog post that might make you drool so much the next thing you do is book a flight ticket to Malaysia (if you’re not local)!


Another popular type of food that we tend to look out for is chicken rice balls. Enjoy a plate of succulent roasted or steamed chicken with an order of chicken rice balls. It’s actually chicken rice but instead of being served on a plate, the rice is moulded into the shape of balls. Complement your meal with fresh chilli sauce and wash it all down later with an ice-cold Nyonya cendol or a coconut milkshake.

Considering how sweltering hot the weather was while we were there, every day was a mission to find a place that served ice-cold sweet desserts. Just to cool us down.



Our final night was spent at the Calanthe Art Cafe also in Jonker Street with a bowl of Nyonya curry laksa, a tall glass of iced blended cendol, and a local brownie. It was, overall, a great holiday which we hoped to replicate again some time this year. We knew what we wanted to do, what we wanted to see, and headed straight for it.

I definitely took more photos than the number I put up here (another 58 photos to be exact). Feel free to browse the photo album on my Facebook page. And if you could be a darling to like my page, I’d be really grateful too!

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    Looks awesome!


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