Weekend Reads: 5 Great Gadgets For Your Next Road Trip

adult-book-business-297755Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Have you ever thought how lucky we are to be Malaysians?

I have, and it’s not just because of the wide variety of cuisines. Malaysia is home to many different races who celebrate many different festivals and thus, serve a smorgasbord of gastronomical fanfare, as far as your stomach can go.

So what’s so great about Malaysia then?

Our employers will balk at this but primarily, we often look forward to the many public holidays each year. Some of these public holidays are a day or two, occasionally cutting up the monotony of a dreary work week by falling on Wednesdays, but the best part of it is when a public holiday falls on a day or two immediately before or after a weekend.

And that’s where the fun starts. That’s what Malaysians want. A long, long weekend.

We just had one for Deepavali, and we hope that everyone had a wonderful celebration. If you’re longing for another four-day weekend, there’s one on the 20th of November. This special day commemorates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and while not all of us celebrate this day, we can still look forward to enjoying four whole days of rest (assuming you have enough annual leave to apply for the day prior).

So what are you going to do for four days? If you plan to stay home like yours truly, a great activity to do is sleep. Well, that’s what I would do. Eat, sleep, read. Repeat. But if you’re planning on going somewhere, then we’ve got you covered on how to make your next road trip an exciting one!

Here is our recommended list of 5 great gadgets you can bring to liven things up!

Fully-Charged Power Banks

Because your gadgets need nutrition too!


Before you embark on another great adventure and you happen to have some spare cash to spend, we’d recommend you get yourself a power bank or two for the trip.

Smartphones these days come with a solid amount of lithium-ion power but it’s always good to have an emergency power supply.

Not sure what to get? Maybe this link can help you get started. Remember to charge them up the night before you leave.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

There’s no better way to share your favourite tunes than via a portable soundbar or a pair of awesome Bluetooth speakers.


Whether your friends are rockstar groupies, hip-hoppers, or jazz loungers, having a portable Bluetooth speaker lets everyone in on the music.

Stock up and update your song folder a few days prior to your vacation. Maybe download a few more just in case. And you’re ready.

So, which portable Bluetooth speaker “speaks” to your budget? Here are five options for you to consider.

Noise-Cancelling Earphones or Headphones

Not everyone travels in a group. Some prefer to travel and see the world on their own.


If that’s you, then you may want to keep yourself occupied until you’ve reached your destination. Unless you’re lucky enough to be seated next to Prince Charming, your second best companion is music.

Drown out in-flight background noise with a pair of wired or wireless headphones, it’s up to you. I would go with wired headphones as wireless normally means it has to be Bluetooth-connected and that can drain my phone even more.

What should you get then? Maybe ProductNation can help to get you going.

A Portable Storage of Reading Materials

Again, if you’re a solo traveller and you like to read, then by all means bring a book with you. But paperbacks can take up space and weight.


So a better way to have all your books with you is via an e-reader. Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Barnes & Noble, the decision is yours to make.

My favourite is the Kindle by Amazon, but so far, I’ve only got the 5th Gen. The latest Kindle by Amazon is the Paperwhite which I’ve read online that it’s pretty amazing.

Don’t believe it? Well, believe it because this is what The Verge had to say about it.

Take a Picture, Leave Your Footprints

Yes, we’ve all at least seen that phrase from time to time, at least once. Go hiking and you’ll probably see it at the entrance of the trail.

This is one essential you will need if you want to keep all the memories of your travels locally or abroad. A camera.


It can be a compact camera. It can be a semi-professional DSLR. It can also be a full DSLR with the works. Whichever you bring will do its job the way you want it to.

For the extreme sports fanatics, you can always bring along a GoPro as well. Again, ProductNation can help you out here with a list of the best compact cameras. In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not advertising for them. They just happen to appear in most of my search results.

So, are you ready to plan your next trip? What do you normally bring with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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