Me and My Non-Dress-Sense of Style.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably find dress shopping a difficult task to uphold. Here’s what you can do to ad-dress your sense of style. Go online and find out what is your body shape and how to dress it. Trust me, it’ll help you out a great deal.

How to Dress Your Body Shape

As a child, I used to wear pink frilly dresses with short sleeves like fairy wings. I used to dance around in shiny black-buckled ballet shoes, tap-tapping on the sidewalk on our weekend family outings. Sometimes I carried a kid-sized backpack, other times it was just my hand holding my mom’s as we cross a busy street.

I’m not sure where the years went but I don’t like wearing dresses that much anymore. Of course, given the occasion, if it is a friend’s wedding or an office black-tie event, I’d still have to don a dress.

But on weekends and my daily drives to work, you’ll never catch me in a skirt or a dress. Give me a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and I’ll be nice and cozy in my own skin.

So when the need arrived to deck myself out in yet another dress (my sister is getting married in August, that’s why), I knew I had to do something about the stubborn fats living happily around my mid-section. I know it won’t go away overnight but with a fair amount of effort, it should flatten out enough to fit me into something.

I went for a shopping spree at Mid Valley Megamall with my mom today. I had a great time as I’m not too fussy about what I’d wear or which shop I had to terrorise in order for me to find something suitable.

The only thing I didn’t like about shopping with my mom was at every given opportunity, she’d pounce on it and bore any sales assistant who is helping us with horror tales about how “prosperous” I am around my mid-section and why it’s so hard to find a dress that would fit me.

Thankfully, we did find some pretty decent ones but at not-so-cheap price tags. Of course, these pieces came from Ms. Read and Dorothy Perkins, so that explains the unholy price tags. It’s also the first time I’ve ever had to pay almost RM400 on just a few pieces of fabric. Remind me to keep my weight low enough to fit these dresses because I’m sure as hell am not going back to buy more to fit my fluctuating weight.

Also, I never know where the head should fit when I’m trying them on. I wish I could attend these formal events in a tuxedo. Men seem to have it easier than women. A black tuxedo and shiny black shoes is the deal-breaker for me.

Image from Joy of Clothes: Your Personal Stylist.

If you have difficulties finding the right dress, do what I did. Go online and find out what your body shape looks like. Depends whose side you’re on (my husband’s or my mom’s), mine is probably a cross between a full hourglass and a pear.

Find out what yours is and you will almost certainly save more energy on walking here and there, up and down, and spend far less time trawling the mall for a shop that has what you need.

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  1. Balduf says:

    Seriously this is a helpful online site.

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    1. Sheu Quen says:

      Thank you ! 🙂


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