How Often Do You Get Your Caffeine-Induced Creativity?


The notion of working remotely (be it from home, at your nearest Starbucks or from the white sandy beaches of Bora Bora) can be very stimulating and inviting. Of course, this depends on how you feed your curiosity and creativity. For me, the idea of working from and on a beach sounds heavenly but I doubt I’d get much work done. The pristine clear waters would be calling my name.

Remote working is an evolution of how people accomplish things nowadays. Once where our parents had no choice but to finish their paperwork and presentations in the stifling cubicles of their offices, the generations today have the option to discuss, brainstorm and churn out results at the round corner table in a cosy coffee shop, fuelled on caffeine and cheesecakes. Working has certainly come a long way since the Baby Boomer Generation.

So I’m okay with getting things done from my favourite coffee shop. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) would be great if it wasn’t for the number of families with children popping by. Starbucks used to be my favourite go-to joint once upon a time but their hot and iced blended flavoured beverages were no match for those on the CBTL menu. They were too sweet and/or too diluted. It was then that I switched allegiance and loyalty to CBTL.

But I digress.

My current (but soon to be former) company practises this concept of remote working. I just never got the opportunity to apply the concept to my working schedule because my current (and soo to be former) manager doesn’t seem to believe in the notion. He doesn’t want us anywhere but the office for fear of being uncontactable. Well, it’s either that or he doesn’t trust us to get things done anywhere but the office. Poor excuse, really, seeing as we hardly get things done in the office because he is there. He bugs us. He irks us. Too much. How do you get things done when you’re constantly being watched? He claims he doesn’t practise micro-management but again, that’s yet another poor excuse, really. I’m not sure what his agenda is but when every other department in the company is allowed to work remotely from wherever they are, you start to wonder if he is being fair or is he just a mean and petty dictator.

But is all the fuss about working remotely worth it? Can you really get work done in a noisy environment? Here are some pros and cons of working from a cafe that I have compiled in an infographic based my research online:

Should You Work in a Cafe_The pros and cons were found here, here and here. Also… here. Yes, many people are talking about it as it is one of the highly sought after options these days. And with many independent and hipster cafes popping up like mushrooms on the forest floor, how can you say no to working remotely?

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