My Clouds of Darkness Had a Silver Lining in the End.


Every cloud has its silver lining but it is sometimes a little difficult to get to the mint. – Don Marquis

There is so much truth in the quote above. So much truth which I hadn’t been able to see as my eyes had been blanketed by darkness, despair and depression.

Not too long ago, I published a post about how I lost my job. How I lost the fight to keep it and how I eventually lost it. It was inevitable. I was just trying to prolong (and hopefully) deny the fact that I had to leave. If I had things my way, I would resign on my own terms. Not on the terms as dictated by the company or my immediate superior. If I wanted to go I would have done so without being coerced to.

I had wanted to leave earlier, sometime in January 2018, but my recruiter advised me to stay on for the bonus. I was led to believe that I would be getting a bonus. I was wrong. I tried to leave again two months later, but the HR representative in my company asked me to wait as she tried to negotiate a better separation package as she felt that I had been unfairly treated by the company and deserved better. When that, too, failed, I realised I was now on my own. I willed myself to stay on (my own perseverance as well as the advice from my recruiter) just so I could gain what little knowledge and skills from this monster of a manager.

Well, I’m glad I hadn’t left.

If I did, I wouldn’t have been given this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime to have what had been known as a “phenomenal interview” with my potential (and future) employer!

Yes, things looked so bleak at one point that I couldn’t believe there would be any chance of me finding anything good out there in the job market. But I did, thanks to a really good and super-attentive recruiter. People say that sometimes you end up sinking so far down before you can resurface. I had my drowning moments but now I’ve been given a lifeline in the form of a better offer.

There were dark clouds before. There aren’t dark clouds, anymore. Now it’s just the sun’s rays parting through the gloominess and sending the shadows into disarray. Now is my chance to start over with a better company, better environment, and better people. Better still, it is for a role that I’ve always wanted to do — content. And I’m being paid to write, which has always been my dream.

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