My Love for Marvel and DC Comics.


If there’s one thing about me, it’s procrastination. In 2017, I missed a host of chances to watch big-time movies. I missed Wonder Woman. I missed Thor: Ragnarok. And I almost missed Justice League.

Thankfully, I managed to catch it on December 31, the last day of 2017. This also was a last minute attempt to use up my complimentary movie pass courtesy of Golden Screen Cinemas for my birthday. I had the entire month to use it but no, I had to wait until the last day of the month to fully utilise it.

So I finally saw the movie last night at 10:20pm (Malaysian time), which meant that by the time the movie ended, I would have missed the New Year’s Eve celebration, fireworks and countdown. But that means I was also ensconced in the comfort of not being jostled and stepped on in the crowds of party-goers and celebrants.

Before I wish thee a ‘Happy New Year’, let me spin you a tale of what I thought about the movie Justice League.

My husband and I felt that it was the best and most appropriate movie to watch on the last day of 2017. Justice League was a movie built on faith and hope, on the beliefs that a greater good will befall those who are kind and patient, on the fact that there is a reason for everything that will happen and has happened.

Justice League is brought to us by DC Comics with Batman (Bruce Wayne) played by Ben Affleck, Superman (Clark Kent) played by Henry Cavill, Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) played by Gal Gadot, Aquaman (Arthur Curry) played by Jason Momoa, Cyborg (Victor Stone) played by Ray Fisher, and the Flash (Barry Allen) played by Ezra Miller. These are your everyday vigilante superheroes whose responsibilities include ridding the Earth of evil-doers and going head-to-head against evil monsters and aliens who always plan to take over the world. Although, none of these superheroes would be any more successful without the assistance and moral support from Alfred played by Jeremy Irons and Lois Lane played by Amy Adams.

However, I’m not a big fan of Batman and his constant brooding in the bat cave. I prefer Superman. He’s one of my favourite superheroes and at the top of the list (big thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster for creating my favourite Krypton boy). Hot on the heels of favourite superheroes is Captain America (Steve Rogers) played by Chris Evans, who also believes in justice and faith and hope and is the people’s hero. Just like Superman. Until then, I only had eyes for these two handsome young men. Now that I’ve seen the movie, my list has expanded to fit Wonder Woman in. Her lasso of truth, golden armbands that cause explosions when brought together by force, and a sword that could break just about anything that it comes into contact with are the very weapons that help her fight alongside the rest of the team.

I’m sure many of you would have seen the movie already so I’m just going to mention that I was beyond myself when I saw Superman being resurrected. It felt so intense when I saw him standing up in the flesh where his statue once stood. Never mind that he was beating the shit out of his future team but he was there. Alive. And well. Of course, it has to be Lois Lane who was Bruce Wayne’s contingency plan if Superman went berserk.

And it worked.

Before this, I used to be a huge Marvel fan (thanks to Captain America) but DC Comics is giving me a run for my money! Now I’m torn between the two. Perhaps I should just love them both equally. But if I do decide to buy any Marvel or DC Comics merchandise, I’m going to have to watch my finances.

Oh yes, Happy New Year, everyone!

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