What I Learned From My Weekend Social Media Detox.

No-Facebook Weekends

In this day and age, we live in a constant and consistent updatable (if there’s even such a word) lifestyle of connection and being “in-the-know”. The moment we feel as though we’re missing out on something important, we feel the pinch. Similar to what addicts feel when drugs and/or sex are out of their reach.

In other words, we are suffering from what is commonly known today as fear of missing out or FOMO, as the youth of the modern techno-age calls it.

I have to admit, though, that I’ve never been one to fear that I’m missing out on anything. Whatever my family and friends wanted to do, they could just go ahead with it. I didn’t need any announcements but I did have the habit of checking into Social Media to see what’s going on and the news was readily and easily available on Facebook and Instagram. Why I didn’t need people informing me was that I could check it for myself.

And that was the mistake. 

You see, checking in to Facebook constantly and seeing updates from your peers on what they were doing at that very moment was poisonous. And it is worse if you happen to be doing nothing at that time. You start questioning your productivity (or lack of it) and why you weren’t doing anything particularly important, unlike your friend(s).Not that you’ll crash and burn in Hell for being a couch potato, but now that the thought or suggestion is implanted in your mind, you are indeed wondering what the heck are you doing, stuck at home in front of the television, watching reruns of Gossip Girls.

Not that you’ll crash and burn in Hell for being a couch potato, but now that the thought or suggestion is implanted in your mind, you are indeed wondering what the heck are you doing, stuck at home in front of the television, watching reruns of Gossip Girls.

For the Workaholic Couples

You and your boyfriend or girlfriend (or spouse, if you are married) have been together for a very long time but here’s the catch: you two are way too busy to clock in some vacation time. You’re chasing that elusive promotion while your other half is busy trying to close as many deals as possible to reach the highest commission tier.

Then there is the sweet and lovely couple whom you both got to know recently at a reunion dinner. While they are enjoying a wine-tasting event in Napa Valley after having stuffed their faces with gelato in Italy, there you are, pigging out on the couch with your significant other and watching re-runs of Breaking Bad on the television.

For the Closet Gym Junkies

For as long as you can remember, ladies, you’ve always wanted to look like Megan Fox (for the lack of a better choice in Hollywood) or Ryan Reynolds, for the dudes. You’ve only ever dreamed of flaunting those sexy curves in that black strapless number during a black-tie event. Or you want to make the girls swoon when you flex those biceps.

That was your fantasy. Reality socked you in the face like a stray paintball and you wake up many years later, struggling to get to work on time and again, struggling to leave work early enough to hit the treadmill running. What happened between then and now? Why have you swapped your ideals for what you thought was your dream job churning out feature pieces at the desk?

That was what you wanted. You wanted a job that paid you decently enough to treat yourself once in awhile. You didn’t mind that the job made you sit all day, every day while poring over all the materials relevant to your job. But now you fear that you won’t be able to fit into the dress you bought for your friend’s wedding.

And guys, the small fry you used to relentlessly tease during your high school days is no longer small. He’s now a towering, six-footer, all abs and no flab. Are you still lifting weights to keep your frame in check or are you too busy running errands for your wife with three kids in tow?

For All the Single Ladies

Eating straight out of Ben & Jerry’s on Valentine’s Day isn’t going to help you. Unless you totally enjoy being on your own and wouldn’t mind marrying yourself (seems like the trend is slowly picking up), then by all means.Otherwise, you should hit the ‘Stop’ button on your Netflix, switch off your laptop and grab your car keys. It’s time to agitate the gravel and go out with your girlfriends. Guys, you should try to encourage your partners to get out more often too!

Otherwise, you should hit the ‘Stop’ button on your Netflix, switch off your laptop and grab your car keys. It’s time to agitate the gravel and go out with your girlfriends. Guys, you should try to encourage your partners to get out more often too!

The one who used to be date all the wrong guys finally ended up with the right one. If you’re wondering how on earth did she do that, she did one thing that you did not. She went out and made all the mistakes, and quite possibly learnt from her mistakes to snag her Mr Right. If she could do that, you could do the same too. Yes, I strongly believe that there is someone for everyone but I’m aware that time plays a role as well.

Still, it beats sitting at home, crying into a handful of Kleenexes during a love scene in Kate & Leopold. Or it certainly is better than you sobbing (mentally) in bed as you scroll through Facebook and seeing that even your worst enemy is now happily engaged to the man of her life. Please don’t do that to yourself.

So what did I do?

Yep, you guessed it.

I’ve decided that enough was enough. I’m getting off the social media train. I can’t really deactivate it since my job requires that I have an active Facebook account but I can start small by limiting my Facebook time on weekends. I refuse to check it, not add comments; just not have anything to do with it. What helped was the placement of the app. Certainly not on my mobile phone’s home screen so that limits the temptation to access it. I might uninstall the app altogether once it becomes a habit and I’d only use the mobile version online if I have to.

I’ve tried it this weekend and it’s great! I don’t feel threatened by my friends’ active social lives and I don’t feel unproductive. I’ve published a casual book review on my personal blog, saved another one in draft to be published tomorrow, cleared out some easy tasks for the upcoming work week, played a couple of satisfying hours of Priston Tale with my husband, entertained my two cats Loki and Chibi by chasing them around the house and finished reading  Married Lovers by Jackie Collins. Yes, it was a bountiful weekend!


Book Review: Married Lovers by Jackie Collins.


No. of pages: 464 pages

Publisher (Date): Pocket Books, April 16, 2009

Setting: Hollywood, Los Angeles

SynopsisThree high-powered Hollywood couples, two hot affairs, one underage Russian ex-hooker, a passionate murder—and the players’ lives are changed forever.

Cameron Paradise, a stunningly beautiful twenty-four-year-old personal trainer, flees Hawaii and her champion-surfer husband, Gregg, in the middle of one of his abusive tirades and makes her way to L.A. Tall, blond, with a body to die for, it doesn’t take Cameron long to find a job at an exclusive private fitness club where she encounters LA’s most important players. She has plans to open her own studio one day, and while every man she meets comes on to her, she is more focused on saving money and working hard than getting caught up in the L.A. scene of wild parties and recreational drugs.

Until she meets Ryan Richards, an extremely successful independent movie producer. Ryan is married to overly privileged Mandy Richards, the daughter of Hamilton J. Heckerling, a Hollywood power-player son-of-a-bitch mogul. Ryan has never cheated on his demanding Hollywood Princess wife, but when he meets Cameron, all bets are off, especially since she’s seeing his best friend Don Verona, the devastatingly attractive talk-show host and legendary player.

In her latest sizzling blockbuster, internationally bestselling author Jackie Collins explores what happens when lust and desire collide with marriage and power—and the results lead to murder.

Reader’s Verdict:

What followed was a heady sensation of orgasms and a barrage of lies and betrayal. It also serves to remind you that your past will catch up with you when you least expect it.

It was a huge relief for me after I finally completed Jackie Collins’ Married Lovers last night. Not that the book was bad but because I’ve fallen behind in my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 30 books for the year 2017. The last I checked, I was 3 books short of the actual number I should be at by now.

Married Lovers was exactly just that and what we can expect from Hollywood. Three high powered and equally famous couples were thrown into the spotlight after a web of lies were exposed.

Character Breakdown

Ryan Richards, a successful and independent movie producer, was married to Mandy Heckerling, the spoilt and rich only daughter of Hamilton J. Heckerling. Ryan came from a close-knit family background but Mandy had a string of stepmothers and how he had dealt with it all was beyond him. At first, he had believed that she tried to be the best that she could. Eventually, however, he didn’t think so anymore. He knew their marriage was a sham but he wasn’t the type to hitch and ditch just for the sake of it. So he stood by her through it all until they reached the boiling point.

Phil Standard loved his wife Lucy Lyons so much that he couldn’t stand other men ogling her or wanting to touch her. But the same rules didn’t seem to apply to him. He fucked whatever that had two legs and a pussy (pardon the vulgarity here). Yet he was the best scriptwriter and one of the richest men in Hollywood, and no matter how much Lucy hated his lascivious gut towards other women (and likewise, how much Phil hated the fact that his wife is desperate to make a return to movie-acting), there was no way she could leave him.

Don Verona could have any woman he wanted and in Hollywood, there was definitely no shortage of women either. Yet he still made a beeline for Cameron Paradise anyway, the personal trainer and co-owner of Paradise, the sports gym in Hollywood. Being in the limelight (and the flashbulbs of the paparazzi) isn’t Cameron’s idea of romance but being seen in public with a gorgeous, big-time talk show host comes with the package. Besides, she was running from her past and who better to help her forget her abusive husband than a hunk of a lifetime?


Seriously, the book was full (and I really mean full!) of lust. Politics certainly played a role too, especially since there were so many powerful players in the plot. But lust and sex hadn’t escaped the clutches and it permeated all throughout the chapters, hidden in every line and paragraph, waiting to be discovered by readers. Phew.

Now I’m ready to tackle Glass Geishas by Susanna Quinn. And hopefully, close the gap of my reading challenge.