How Do You Know When Enough Is Enough?

Hope & Despair

I’ve been on a downward spiral in recent weeks. I blame it on the job. Granted, it’s quite a tough job, demanding even on the performance of my mental and physical health. But as everyone says, there is no such thing as an easy job. Everywhere you go, every job you do, there will always be a set of challenges and how you overcome them defines who you really are.

Yeah, I get it. It’s what everyone says and what they’ve been saying for a long time now. I know. I’ve come to accept it for the way it is. It’s the nature of the job to be demanding. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have a job and to be paid at the end of every month.

What I cannot accept is the incompetence of a person whose responsibility is the things they do on the job. Everyone is given a set of tasks to be completed at the end of the day, week, month or year. Everyone is given a set of goals to hit for the welfare and long-term sustainability of the company that he or she is working at. Everyone is given a deadline (or more, depending on how many tasks he or she is doing) to hit and how they reach the deadline is up to the individual employee.

This is where despair sets in and hope just flies out the window as if it was done for the day. Or for good.

No matter how difficult the job may be, there will always be a solution. It could be hard to find, hard to unravel or hard to apply, but the solution is there and anyone can help you get things done. All you have to do is ask. I cannot begin to understand how people can pretend that the task does not exist! Sitting on the task, letting it slip to the back of your mind and eventually forgetting about it is shows what sort of character and person you are. Adding salt to injury is how often the employee fails to comply with the rules and complete the tasks. Rubbing the added salt to injury is when the employee fails to do what is given, the rest of the team has to shoulder the burden and complete the tasks on their teammate’s behalf!

I don’t see how this is beneficial in any way, nor how it helps the irresponsible employee. It only serves to grow hatred and disgust among the team members because the person isn’t doing their part, resulting in the teammates having to step in and do the work. Your teammates aren’t just sitting around waiting for a task to be handed to them. They are busy chasing up on their deadlines, following up on other deadlines and desperately trying to do what has been given to them. Not wait on you, hand and foot, for things to be dished out to them and to be done for you.

This is how I’ve felt for a long time now.

Everything’s just been stuffed inside my angrily beating heart. It has been going on for a very long time, ever since the said employee has joined the team. No matter what my teammates and I did, no matter what we said, no matter how we said it even… It just goes right above the person’s head, as if it was just a breeze. And we have been covering for this person for so long, to the point where neither of us was able to finish our own work.

We had to bring our work home after office hours or on the weekends to complete it or risk the wrath of our direct superior. Why are we in the line of fire for not completing our work as we were too busy helping a teammate who refuses to pull their own weight? Sad to say, management has done nought about this particular employee.

How is this even possible?

How do you know when enough is enough and something must be done about the irresponsible and incorrigible employee?

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