Photography: Monochrome and Me.

Photography & Me in Monochrome

Photography has never been a hobby that I would associate myself with while growing up. In fact, I never thought I would one day be addicted to it. My family used to travel a lot and those were the times when we’d use the camera most. We shared a Kodak film camera, though the time spent using it was mostly divided between my sister and me. I guess at some point, my parents felt I was old enough to use one on my own and I had also shown the affinity of using one.So the first camera they got me was a Canon point-and-shoot. A Canon Powershot A40 I believe.

So the first camera they got me was a Canon point-and-shoot. A Canon Powershot A40 I believe.

My photography skills grew and expanded, and the types of cameras I used changed as well. I spent many years with the Canon Powershot before moving on to my first digital SLR camera, also with Canon. It was and still is a good brand to me. Some of my friends felt that Nikon was better when it came to using the DSLR but for me, it would be Canon through and through.

The view was taken in monochrome from the rooftop of Digital Mall with the Huawei P10.

There was a time when I took a break from using Canon. I think it was because a DSLR can get quite heavy after awhile and I didn’t fancy lugging around a thing that bogged me down. So I moved to using an Olympus OM-D EM 1, a mirrorless camera. It was fun while it lasted, taking photos via an LCD screen instead of using a viewfinder. But our rendezvous didn’t last long. I sold it off and went back to using compact cameras.

This was taken midday while enjoying a Mexican hot chocolate latte with the Huawei P10.

I didn’t have a clue as to what I was looking for so one day while shopping around for a compact camera for my mum, I found the Samsung NX Mini. Which I still have with me today. My trusty point-and-shoot that follows me wherever I go. The Canon DSLR hadn’t been sold off despite having not used it in a long time. My husband has inherited it for as long as he doesn’t mind carrying it.

This photo was taken today after I finished setting up my home office, also with the Huawei P10.

Today, I rarely use the camera unless I’m going for long vacations because I got myself a pretty amazing smartphone. The much-anticipated Huawei P10. With camera specs like these (quoted below by Digital Photography Review):

The Leica-branded camera comes with the same specification as its equivalent in the Mate 9 and combines a 12MP colour sensor with a 20MP monochrome chip. Both lenses have an F2.2 aperture and the colour variant also features optical image stabilization. As before, colour and monochrome image information are combined for better image detail, higher dynamic range and lower noise levels. Other features include laser-assisted autofocus, a two-tone LED flash and 4K video recording. On the software side of things a new ‘Leica-style’ portrait mode uses 3D face detection and applies a combination of fake bokeh, adjustable illumination and ‘beautification’ effects to your portrait subjects.

Who wouldn’t get it for themselves? I couldn’t stay away from these drool-worthy aspects so with this phone, my hunger for photography was satisfied.

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