Tapping Into My Inner Artist.

a-weekend-of-paintingIt has been quite awhile since I last did any painting. Or reading, for that matter.

It also could be a reason why I’ve slacked off in the stress prevention department. I’ve put off painting for two weeks now and as a result, I allowed the stress at work to affect me. It caused me to take a sick day off on Friday yesterday due to migraine, nausea and dizziness.

Well, the reason for not painting also comes down to the fact that my tubes of paint were emptying out pretty fast and I had to buy new ones. A visit to CzipLee, your friendly Bangsar neighbourhood branch, was supposed to cure that creative ailment but the cost of a box set of paints went through the roof! So I came back with other materials instead (picture below), such as a sketchbook from Fabriano Accademia, a trio of various-sized paintbrushes from Syamal, a roll of cat-patterned mt masking tape, a magnetic notes from Tesla Amazing (paper that apparently can cling to anything!) and a limited edition Despicable Me Minion Moleskine journal. Yes I collect Moleskine journals and I have at least six or seven of them that are brand new and still wrapped in their plastic.

IMG_20170610_173352_953As for my set of paints, I decided to purchase two boxes of 24 watercolours from Lazada Malaysia. It is more affordable for me and Pentel is not an unknown brand.

So maybe it is time for me to rekindle my interest in painting. Maybe I could break outside the mould of pre-sketched painting and do my own freestyle painting based on sceneries and still life objects I find online (Instagram has PLENTY of these!). Who knows? Maybe I could even paint stuff that I can use as personalised, handmade cards too! I should really continue reading too since I can’t remember the last time I picked up my book.

What about you? How do YOU spend your weekend?

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