My Top 6 Favourite Books … And 3 More!

Clicking through the intricacies of the Internet on a blissful sunny Sunday evening led me to a few websites for readers and bookworms. If you understand avid readers like me, it usually doesn’t end there. One thing led to another and I took a short trip down memory lane with Goodreads and unearthed some books I’ve read once. My favourite titles written by equally favourite authors.

Understandably, as a reader, one does not simply play favouritism with books and ignore the rest. No, I actually love all my books and enjoyed reading them. But still, there comes a time when you have to pick a favourite or two.

Here is my list of top 6 favourite books in infographic format:


The reason why The Little Paris BookshopThe Red NotebookThe Book Thief and Fangirl are my favourites is because of the concept of each story. If you have read them, you will know that the core of the plots have something to do with books, reading, bookshops and writing. All of which are my favourite items and activities!

As for The Sweet Life in Paris and The Hundred-Foot Journey, they cater to my tastebuds and my love for food. I may not be one with a big appetite or an expensive palate but I do have my moments and when I’m hungry, I’ll go for anything under the sky!

Of course, there are 3 more books (all by my favourite but nightmare-inducing novelist, Carlos Ruiz Zafon — I’m not kidding; after reading his books, I had trouble sleeping for a couple of nights!) that couldn’t fit into the infographic:

  • The Shadow of the Wind
  • The Angel’s Game
  • The Prisoner of Heaven

Psst… Reading his books gave me inspiration for writing my novella too! Sadly I have yet to find the time to proofread and edit it before self-publishing it.

Speaking of Zafon, I found that he has 4 other books to his name (on Book Depository) which I don’t own and haven’t read but would love to get my grubby paws on one day:

  • Marina
  • The Prince of Mist
  • The Midnight Palace
  • The Watcher in the Shadows

What about you? What are your favourite books?

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