I Don’t Know Many Pasta Jokes Except A Fusilli Ones.

Let’s just be clear on one thing. I didn’t invent the arrabiata pasta and neither am I a high class, five star chef who perfected it. I’m only another inhabitant on the planet who decided to play around with the recipe and improvised on the ingredients in her kitchen. Cooking isn’t one of my strongest points and despite having stood at the stove, spatula in one hand and the wok in the other, I am still able to burn onions. But I find it an enjoyable pastime and well, let’s just say that food preparation does make me feel pretty much at ease and leaves me stress-free when I’m done.

So today, I decided to cook lunch for once this weekend. Usually, my husband would go out to buy lunch but we were feeling rather lazy (it is a Sunday after all) and we did our grocery shopping yesterday. We had at least four choices for lunch today: Neapolitana, Bolognaise, Pomodoro or Arrabiata. You might notice that they’re all tomato-based pasta.

But we didn’t buy any minced beef so bolognaise was out of the question. We didn’t have any large or cherry tomatoes with us so pomodoro was out of the menu as well. We initially planned on making neapolitana then, but after adding a couple of packets of chilli flakes and my husband said it now tasted more spicy than ever, our dish eventually became one of arrabiata. So, there you go… One of my few cooking experiences in the kitchen. It was a good thing the meal tasted great anyway, because of the other ingredients that we added.

And I have gone and created yet another infographics on our lunch menu today, together with my choice of ingredients.


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