What Does Happiness Mean to You?


What is happiness? How does one define happiness? What is it that brings happiness to us? 

Yeah. These questions have been on my mind since starting that new job.

It has been a very hectic three months for me since starting my new job. I’m all stressed and stretched out on weekdays, and I fight to have some time off on weekends (because sometimes I have to bring work back with me to finish on my weekends). The first month had been tough because everything was new. The second month was rough because I was busy trying to acclimatise and familiarise with the things that I’ve been taught to do. The third month was just trying my best not to crash and burn because of the combination of the first and second months.

Being a marketing executive sounds grand and it probably is to most people. But it’s the job scope that doesn’t sound very grand. In this role, everything is urgent, everything is a priority and everything has a deadline attached to it. Your marketing campaigns are time sensitive. Your social media and blog content are time sensitive and have to be new and fresh. Your marketing efforts and materials have to be crafted with care with the ideals of your customers in mind. One false move and all that you’ve built will come crashing down.

Whoever said working was fun and relaxing, eh?  Free time was a rare privilege for me and being able to read is an even rarer privilege and just as hard to come by. However, when I do get the time to read though, I make sure I make myself a good cup of tea to go with my book. And then the only thing you’ll ever see me doing is curling up on the couch with my book in hand. That’s my happiness and that is what happiness means to me.

What about you? How do you define happiness and what is the one thing that makes you happy?

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