My Lazy Sunday Musings: Moleskine Cafe, Milan.

There’s a new place in Milan and it’s called the Moleskine Cafe. Credits:

What I would give to book a flight to Milan just to visit the Moleskine Cafe! I rarely blog much about it but I’m actually a huge fan of notebooks and stationery, particularly notebooks by Moleskine and stationery brands like Faber-Castell, Buncho and Staedtler.

And when I found out about the Moleskine Cafe in Milan, Italy, I knew… I just knew that I have to make a trip there some day, one day. I may not be able to drink coffee now but I can always visit the place anyway, try out the other beverages on the menu and just absorb the Moleskinery culture and ways of life.

The Moleskine Cafe entrance in Milan, Italy. Credits:

The clean aesthetics, the use of contemporary colour palette of neutral colours and natural materials, the minimalist designs and the central highlights of the cafe very much resemble the famous journals they produce. Moleskine went from just notebooks to the essentials like pens and journal covers, as well as backpacks and slingbags. Whoever the brains were behind opening a Moleskine cafe, it’s pure genius.

You can read more about the cafe here at

Credits: Michele Morosi.

Yes, I’m a big Moleskine fan and an amateur Moleskine snob, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I follow Moleskine on Google+ and Facebook, and even keep myself up-to-date with their journal journeys around the world! Heck, I have at least 5 Moleskine journals at home now with me and they’re still in their plastic wrapping, new and untouched. Which is how I like them to be. Until one day an emergency crops up and I have to open one to use it.

C’mon, don’t tell me you’re not attracted and drawn towards an entrance like this? The place is just beckoning me to come forth, to buy that damn flight ticket and touch down at one of their square tables, take a seat on one of their colourful chairs and wait for your beverage to be brewed to perfection!

What’s YOUR daily fix of inspiration? Credits:

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