#TGIF Fun Fact: October… Or Should I Say, ‘Octobear’?

Image courtesy of http://www.discoveryisle.com.

Hey everyone,

Aren’t you glad that the weekend is finally here? Well, for those who would only see Friday the next day, don’t fret. It will be here. And when it is, you will jump for joy and cheer! Because it means that the weekend is coming and we can all relax and have some fun. Or do what I do on weekends — gaming and reading!

Since it’s Friday (or Fri-yay as most people love to call it now), I have a little fun fact to share with you. October is coming to an end in approximately 3 days. Halloween is just around the corner, Oktoberfest just started a couple of days ago on October 26, and winter is coming. Soon.

Did you know…

… that the word “October” is actually derived from the Latin word for “eight”? Yup, that’s right. It’s like the “octopus”, an ocean creature with eight arms or tentacles. And that was because it used to be the eighth month of the Roman calendar too! But when they added January and February into the mix, October was bumped down to #10. The name stuck anyway.

The month of October even has an official mascot by the name of “Octobear”, a strange duo of a bear with an octopus on its head (below).


Interesting, eh? I never knew that. I bet you didn’t either… Or did you?

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