Top 10: What Every Reader is Aware Of.


This is a situation that every reader is probably aware of and will most likely understand too.

Aren’t we all born to read? Yes we are! Aren’t we all forced to work? Well, sort of… After all, where would we get the money to buy our books, right? Being forced to work is just one of the many bookish problems that every reader faces and understands. Here are my top 10 bookish problems that I face all the time as a dedicated reader myself:

Fighting the urge…

… to buy more books even though I still have plenty at home waiting to be read. C’mon, how many of you have this problem too? I’m sure it’s very common.

Suffering from a book hangover…

… because the last book I read was so good that I’m still hung up over it. This means that I’m unable to start a new one until my emotions dry up.

Packing for a vacation…

… but I’m not sure which book should I bring along with me because they all sound good. Unless I have one on my backpack and another in my check-in luggage.

In need of a third arm…

… so that I can have my lunch and read. Although, not reading while eating means I get to spare my book from the nastiness of curries, gravy and bolognese.

Sleeping way past 3:00am…

… because hey, since when do we listen to our own advice, eh? Telling myself, “One more chapter,” or “I’ll finish this and go to bed,” never actually works.

Falling head-over-heels…

… with a fictional book character. Have you ever fooled yourself into thinking that you have a romantic relationship with a fictional male in your novel?

Trying to read but…

… you suddenly have a dozen things to do but you would really love to stop adulting and ignore your responsibilities, because books, that’s why!

Reading the same line…

… over and over again because people just never learn not to talk to you when you have your nose buried in your book. Geez, will you shut up already?

Unable to get any shut-eye…

… because the book I just read was so scary and traumatising that I had to get up from bed, and take that book and put it far, far away from me. Phew.

And my ultimate book problem…

… is something that every reader is all too aware of — too many books, so little time! How we wish we could read every book at the same time.

Are you suffering from more than the 10 dilemmas I mentioned? No? Then you might want to check out 20 Problems Only Book Lovers Understand by Goodreads or 30 Problems Only Book Nerds Will Understand by Novelicious. Or perhaps you have a dilemma that is neither in my list nor the links I shared here.

Happy reading!

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