Of Work, Hot Chocolate and Reading.

A picture of me reading (as usual) at Starbucks in Genting Highlands.

Hey guys,

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything here. I’ve been busy with work, that’s why. A marketing executive role for me has taken over three-parts of my life and by the time I get home, I’m too tired to do anything else. Also, after wading through heavy traffic from the office back to my home, the only time I have is to shower, play with my cats and get ready for bed. Damn, that’s what happens when work happens.

But that’s what we all need right, in order to live and survive? We need a job to support our cozy lifestyles, our travel lusts, our retail therapies, and whatever else that we want and need in our lives. Oh, and the books we buy too! How else are we going to pay for the books if not for the jobs that we’re tied down to?

Speaking of jobs and books, this is where the relevance comes into play. Because I rarely drink coffee these days, I’ve resorted to enjoying flavoured or specialty lattes which are (sadly) more expensive than your normal lattes. A cafe latte or cappuccino can come up to RM8.00 or RM10.00. But a specialty or flavoured latte usually costs more than RM12.00! This depends where you go for your daily (or like me, weekly) beverage boost. I’ve since discovered the super-ultra-goodness of a hot matcha latte at T & Co. in Mid Valley that sets me back of around RM13.00 for a cup. Not to mention, the creamy pleasures of a peanut butter latte at Coffea Coffee in Desa Sri Hartamas, which costs about RM20 for a large serving. If my husband and I bought two, we’d be spending a grand total of RM40, which is equivalent to paying for a meal for two at a good restaurant.

Where else am I going to get the money for these amazing lattes? Don’t get me started on the books that I’ve begun to buy off the Book Depository website. Ever since a friend had let me in on that delicioius, free-shipping secret where books are dispatched from the UK at no delivery charge, I’ve since bought 4 books and well, it’s not a very healthy purchase if I didn’t have a job.


Then, one fine day, I discovered the combined satisfaction of hot chocolate and reading!

It was a pleasant Saturday when I went out for some grub with my husband and a friend. We had dropped our cats off at the vet’s and headed over to the Atria Shopping Mall for some lunch. We hadn’t noticed it yet as we had taken a different route towards our lunch destination but there was a book warehouse sale at the lower ground floor that we missed. Which was a good thing because I tend to be drawn towards large book discount sales. Unfortunately for us, we took the lower ground route back to the car and we came across the warehouse sale… Needless to say, I left the two men behind and made my way through the aisles.

Long story short, I came away with two books. One for me and one for my cousin. Our lunch buddy then suggested we head to a cafe before he took his leave and there we were, tucked away in a cozy corner of Second Sunday with my hot chocolate, my husband’s classic pancakes and my friend’s oven-baked chocolate brownie. The book went so well with my hot chocolate that now, I read with a hot mug of steaming chocolatey goodness for RM10 instead of a hot matcha latte for RM13 or a peanut butter latte for RM20.


Here’s my third Antoine Laurain book, French Rhapsody (which I’m sorry to say that I’m finding it really hard to read because of the midsection politics in the book), and my cinnamon hot chocolate at Strangers at 47 today. I don’t know about you but hot chocolate makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Like a thick duvet on a cold, winter’s day.

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