What’s the Most Unusual Bookmark You Have Ever Used?


I’m sure by now you all know how often I read. I read in the morning while having my breakfast. I read at lunch time while sipping my hot sencha and dipping crab maki (small rice-and-crabmeat-wrapped-in-seaweed) in wasabi and soy sauce. I read at night before bedtime. I even read at night way past my bedtime. Basically, I read all the freakin’ time.

I even read while I’m on vacation!

Long story short, I can’t live without reading. But what I can’t live without the most next to reading is using a bookmark. Some people I know prefer to dog-ear the last page they stopped at but that really gets on my nerves. It’s like torturing a book! Why would you do that? Use something, anything! A piece of paper, a one dollar note. Heck, even a plastic ruler works just as well!

I was doing some reading online and stumbled across a website called Head Tale where the author had left a link for a discussion on Reddit about someone using dust jacket flaps as bookmarks. This led to all kinds of other bookmark-related anecdotes. An English professor gave his two-cents’ worth on the best way to boost reading comprehension — by not using bookmarks! Imagine that!

Another Reddit user had a better comeback:

Wait until our kids start saying, “I thought bookmarks were the same names they gave that button on my e-reader or on the Internet web browser!”

So what do people use as bookmarks anyway? Here are some of the  strangest items that people use to place in between the pages to mark where they last stopped reading:

  • A check-out slip from the library
  • A piece of clean Kleenex tissue paper
  • A slip of paper ripped  from a notepad or a nearby magazine
  • A Post-It note
  • An envelope
  • A business card (which seems appropriate if you ever misplaced your book!)
  • A piece of string or ribbon

These are probably some ideas of what you could use if you were desperate and the place you’re at doesn’t have many bookmarky stuff to use. I would prefer to use a proper bookmark, which I have anyway. My sister had gone abroad for vacation several times during her university years and came back with a standard, long bookmark with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it. I’m still using it after all these years. It’s my favourite bookmark!

But you don’t have to limit yourself to using regular bookmarks. Test your craft skills with a little creativity and imagination to make some special bookmarks of your own! Or if you prefer to get them from a craft store, these are what you can buy online (or at your nearest stationery store!):

  • Zipmark Bookmarks (via Amazon)
  • Fingerprint Bookmark Bands (via MoMA Store)
  • Sprout Bookmarks (via Mochi Things)
  • Buonanotte Table Lamps (via AllModern)
  • Liquid Bookmarks (via Connox)
  • Iconic Mini Bookmarks (via FallinDesign)
  • Lili Lite Bookmarks (via Design Milk)
  • Leather Hearts Corner Bookmarks (via Etsy)
  • Reading Lamp Bookmarks
  • Hippo In Water Bookmarks
  • A Dragon and Knight Bookmarks
  • Wire Design Bookmarks
  • Origami Bookmarks

They you go… SEVEN of the most unusual bookmarks in the first half of my post, and another THIRTEEN of the most creative bookmarks in the second half of my post. Altogether they make 20 of the most extraordinary bookmarks that you’ve ever seen!

So, what kind of bookmarks do you use? Or do you even use any bookmarks in the first place?

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