A Simple Vision for Your Blog is Always Easy to Remember.

Hey there,

How are my lovely readers doing? How has your week been so far? Granted, it’s still only Wednesday (that dreaded middle-of-the-week feeling) but just hang in there a little bit longer because in another two more days, it’ll be the weekend again!

Anyway, I have another question for you:

Do you often find yourself stuck in the mud with a serious case of writer’s block? I do, and when that hits me squarely in the noggin, I’ll go online to find some inspiration to get me out of the creativity quicksand.

One of the things I recently discovered was this short and sweet infographics on how to create a simple vision statement for your blog. Now I did this was because I had plans on growing my reader base and perhaps moving into the creative writing industry, and becoming a professional blogger or writer or maybe an author as well! So I had to spruce up and tidy up my personal blog Facebook page before moving onto bigger fish. If you ever have any doubts or are not sure of what to write for your vision statement, well, consider this a step the right direction. I hope this helps you out as much as it has helped me out:

Image via www.becomeablogger.com.

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