Where Would Your Build Your Book Fort?



There is something you should know about me. I love to read. I love reading. I love every single thing that has to do with books. Story books, mind you, not college textbooks. I love fiction, mostly literary, historical, fantasy or romance. But I guess you already know that about me. After all, you’ve been following my trail of book reviews, haven’t you?

And then there’s something else you should know about me.

I love to read. No matter where I go. Wherever you see me, if you took any notice, you will see a book in my backpack, slingbag, handbag, and probably my luggage bag as well. You see, I can’t go anywhere without a book. It is a part of my soul. It is a part of me. Take away my book and you might as well take away one of my important body parts. Like my heart, for one. Or my brain.

During my lunch breaks at the office, I’d normally have something to eat on my own and either come back to office to read or just read wherever I am having my lunch.

If I’m travelling, I’d read when I’m snug as a bug under a rug in between the cozy duvet of my hotel room. Or I could be seen enjoying the sunny afternoons by the pool side on the lounge chair or on the beach with a large bath towel between my bum and the soft grains of sand. Or, if I happen to take a train from one place to another and it would take me a couple of hours to reach my destination, you’d still see my nose buried in a book.

If I’m at home, I’d be reading mostly in bed. Sometimes I can be found on my leather sofa in my living room. But I’d be reading mostly in bed. I find it comforting to read before I call it a day as it helps me to relax and unwind after a long and tiring day at the office. It helps me to sleep better too! It takes my mind off all the troubles and hazardous moments that I encountered during the day.

That’s how much I love reading.

I’m sure everyone loves to read, right? Anytime, anywhere. That pretty much goes without saying. Whether you prefer to read the biography of a famous poet, a DC or Marvel comic book, or even the TIME magazine, there will always be a favourite place where you will hide away from the harshness of reality for an hour or two of peaceful and quiet reading.

Of course each person will have his or her own favourite place to read. Some people would love to read, like me, at the beach or perhaps in front of the fireplace. Others will head to a cozy cafe and have a steaming mug of coffee or tea to accompany their reading sessions. And then there are those who can read at a cozy bar, the park, a library or the bookstore, or even on a public transport (if they aren’t sufferers of motion sickness). I really envy those who have hammocks, window seats and cozy reading nooks at home.

What about you? Where do you love to read?

Where would you hide out from the holiday madness just so you can lose yourself in a good book? Do you have a favourite place?

Will I be able to find you at home in your favourite chair? Or tucked up in bed next to your loved on at night? Or perhaps I will see you on the train or bus during your commute home from having gone somewhere?

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