Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson: A Resort Like No Other Above the Sea.

Hello readers, I am finally back in reality after being AWOL or MIA on my blog for the past four days. I had been tucked away in a hidden cove in Port Dickson.

My husband’s company had organized a weekend trip to Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, a resort-styled sanctuary offering unparalleled superior surroundings with private individual pools amidst landscaped gardens in each and every room. It is, by far, the largest resort in the world with all its villas being built above the sea and into a shape like a hibiscus, boasting exclusivity and mystical charms within its ecological surroundings. And they had allowed spouses to tag along if they wished to do so. So I did.

So here I was, for the past two and a half days, enjoying myself while basking in the sun and glory of premium resort treatment. I will give you a photo-tour of the resort and what my days were like on Friday evening, the whole of Saturday, and a short time on Sunday.


The thing that drew my eye to the resort was not so much the fact that it was shaped like a hibiscus. It was their private pools. The fact that each room had a private pool meant that I could go dipping at any given time of the day, even at midnight or after midnight if I had wanted to. Of course, the pool isn’t as big as you hoped it would be but hey, any sized pool is a good thing for me. Each room also came with a steam room on the side, which you can adjust to any temperature of your choice.


Each room’s interior decoration was something like this (above, middle, and below). Colourful interior with equally colourful pillows and beds. Soft, white downy pillows with a duvet and three plush throw pillows for added comfort. On each side of the beds were a side table with a lamp and two drawers. At the foot of each bed was a lounger, where you could either sleep or lay on it, or toss your belongings on it. On the other end of the room was a long marble table with more drawers, stationery, tea-and-coffee-making facilities, another lamp, and a chair.


What drew my eye here was the long black thing that stretched across one end, from the curtains to the door. Above were two round speakers, so I had assumed that somewhere up there was either a stereo radio or a television. True enough, it was a large flat-screen TV. The white blinds just below the ceiling were automated which can be adjusted from one of the many switches and controls on the wall next to the door. These switches were also for the ceiling fan, the air-conditioning system, and the various lights of the room.

Of course, there were two double beds in our room, and my husband had paid quite a sum for the premium room (which was what we had) and that we didn’t have to share with any of his colleagues. It was like a dream come true. Paradise in a room that treated you like a princess! So for the weekend, we had a bed each to ourselves. Imagine that!


Of course, the further you go out, the more impressive and expensive the villas become. As ours was premium, there were the executive villas which were more affordable than ours, the imperial and presidential suites which were more expensive than ours, sky pool villas which were (I believe) located at the main building of the resort above the lobby, and the royal villas. The more square feet your villa has, the more expensive it is.

The view outside our room was fabulous! The bright blue skies with white clouds. The emerald-green sea just below us, as well as the rest of the greenery that surrounded us. There were no signs of rain over the past two days which made the weather and atmosphere all the more amazing than it already was. The rest of the villas were on cement stilts just like us, also above the sea, with their own private swimming pools and steam rooms.




Sunset was at 7:26pm (yes, I checked that before leaving for the resort from home) and I managed to capture it from the balcony pool of my room. Getting into the pool was easy but maneuvering my way across the water with a camera in hand was a challenge. I wanted to capture the best photo ever without getting either my hands or my camera wet. But here it was, a spectacular sunset complete with the pastel pink, blue, orange, and white hues of the clouds and sky, just beyond the rows of villas on the other side of the hibiscus.


Each villa was connected via a stone pathway which led guests all the way to the end of the hibiscus, where the only two presidential suites are. The largest of all the villas in the resort, the presidential suites are at least 4,000+ square feet in size, and they overlooked the sea. It was a pity that I didn’t get a chance to walk all the way to the end just to see what it was like. But I gathered that it would have been quite a distance to walk to the other side.

This was where the buggy service came in. Guests were required to queue up at the exit of the main lobby where buggies were arranged to carry the guests and their luggage to their rooms. There were several buggies waiting at the entrance, and I must say the service was pretty good. They had an effective and efficient system where a supervisor stood watch over the guests and the buggy drivers. They had a walkie-talkie each, and a simple notepad and pen to note down which rooms they were sending the guests to. It was all very organized and neat.



You can hardly catch the sunset from the main area, but the views were still pretty amazing. Below is a photo of the children’s pool with some palm trees in front of it. The angle placed the trees’ reflection on the pool in the foreground with the fading sunset hues in the background. It was strange that there were no children in their designated pool as they had all gone to the adult’s swimming pool which was at least 1.2 metres deep. I supposed they all had their floatation devices with them to prevent drowning, so I guess it wouldn’t have made a difference.


My weekend at a so-called beach resort was the first whereby I hadn’t actually gone down to the beach at all. I was told by my husband as well as his colleagues that the beach was not as good as the resort itself, and the seawater was slimy and murky compared to the pristine waters of the public and private swimming pools.

We suspected that it was due to the beach being cordoned off and protected by the construction of the resort. The end of the hibiscus-shaped resort had acted like a bay that blocked the beach end from having clear and clean seawater coming in. So, all I got was this photo of the grassy and rocky embankment that separated the main resort area from the beach area. Yet, my husband and his colleagues had to use the beach anyway for their team-building activities.


Roselle Cafe House was one of the main food and beverage eateries at the resort, among the other outlets such as a Japanese restaurant, several bars at the main lobby and one or two more at the Lighthouse Club, which is located in the middle of all the resorts (a photo below shows the Lighthouse Club surrounded by all the villas).


Here, at Roselle Cafe House, we had our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, all coordinated in a buffet-style where you have a variety of dishes and cuisines. The food was quite alright, though, I’d have to say that I’ve had better quality ones than the food here. But it was edible and stayed down in my stomach instead of me heaving over the toilet bowl.


Taking a walk during the day was just as good as taking a walk at night. Of course, the underlying difference would be the weather. But both hours of the day allowed you to get some pretty good photographic opportunities. During the day, you get some natural light that enhances your photos. At night, you have the illuminating lights to accompany your photos against the darkness of the sky. Here is the pathway from the buggy service area that guests use to get to their villas. My husband and I had walked to and from our room more times than we took the buggy.



The photos above were all that I had taken on Friday evening itself. We had arrived later in the evening at around 5:00pm because he had an annual meeting to attend with the rest of the company. I checked myself into the room to get further acquainted with the place that I’d be in for the weekend. After having some peace and quiet and the entire room to myself, I settled myself in with a hot cup of hazelnut milk tea, some stroopwafels that a friend sent from Amsterdam, and my book – The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George.


The rest of my Saturday was spent reading by the private pool side, enjoying the daytime breeze and hiding myself away from the sun in the shade. It was the perfect time to read, and how often does one get to do this anyway? My husband had some team-building games to play with his colleagues, and after the buffet lunch we had at the Roselle Cafe House, he decided to come back for a quick nap before dipping in the pool, sweating it out in the steam room, and preparing for the gala dinner that night.

Remember I talked about the comfort and coziness of the bed? Yep, this was what I meant. My husband decided to build a pillow fort to barricade himself with all the pillows and duvet. Here he slept like this for a couple of hours or so until it was time to get up. Doesn’t he look all cozied up? You can only see his arms.


Below is what dipping in the pool at midnight looked like. The lights of the nearby villas and the main resort building lit up the night. I noticed that not many people were in their pools at this time of the night, unlike myself and my husband. On Friday and Saturday nights, we dipped in the pool for at least half an hour before sweating it out in the steam room for the other half hour. And then we took a nice hot shower before getting ready for bed. Oh, life was pure bliss over the weekend! It was so wonderful that I didn’t want to leave on Sunday.


But as everyone says, all good things must come to an end. I had so much fun, I enjoyed what seemed like a decadent lifestyle despite it lasting only two and a half days. It was an amazing place spent with my amazing husband, soaking in the sun, sights, and sea, while sweating it out walking to and from our room, and sitting in the steam room as well. The gala dinner on Saturday night was great as I had met the rest of his colleagues and they are such wonderful people.


All in all, the resort was great. The customer service was spot-on, with attentive and helpful resort staff, clean and rubbish-free areas, everything was functioning well with nothing broken or needed fixing). We had a couple of minor issues but the front desk personnel were quick to act on it and was over within a few minutes. Which I found to be rather effective and efficient. The buggy service was managed pretty well too, considering the large volume of guests who arrived on Friday evening (my husband’s company staff) as well as the other guests over the weekend.

As we left the place, I told my husband that I am ready for the next company trip if they were to have another one. I hope it will be as amazing as this one!

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