Would You Really Eat That?

A thought crossed my mind today. Malaysians actually have some of the weirdest food combinations that has ever crossed one’s palate.

It’s definitely a unique craving and you kind of have to have some mental preparation for what is about to appear in front of you. Here are some of the more common weird food combinations that I’m familiar with:

  • Soft-serve ice cream with French fries
  • Durian (king of fruits in Malaysia) with rice
  • Maggi or ramen noodle soup with cheese
  • KFC’s mashed potatoes with Thai chilli sauce
  • KFC’s plain bun dipped in ice-cold Pepsi (yes, I know someone who does that!)
french fries with ice cream
Image taken from McDonald’s Indonesia official Twitter account.

But it appears that French fries with soft-serve ice cream or milkshake (above) seems to be a more popular go-to snack for many people. Links like Lifehacker Australia, The Smart Local Malaysia, and Pepper Philippines are all talking about it, followed by noodles with cheese (below).

Instant Ramen
Image taken from The Smart Local Malaysia.

Apparently, there are other weird food combinations that I have never heard of, but are on the tongues of other Malaysians too. Can you believe that people would actually digest these combinations below?

  • Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise Sandwiches
  • Watermelon and Sriracha
  • Banana and Mayonnaise
  • Banana and Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Ice Cream with Olive Oil and Salt

Well, you got to watch it to believe it. Catch the video, Malaysians Try Weird Food Combinations, here on YouTube of a handful of chosen Malaysians eating them! Sorry I’m unable to upload the actual video here as my blog is not upgraded to the version that allows for video uploading.

You should enjoy the video, anyway. It’s about 14 minutes long, so make sure you don’t have any meetings planned for the rest of your day!

What about you, though? What strange food combinations have you tried?

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