Of Savoury Crepes and Matcha Desserts.

As it so happens, we do try not to go overboard with our cravings for culinary cafe cuisines, but it’s hard to avoid them at all costs when they’re everywhere! The operating hours of some cafes is the reason why we go to them in the first place. And we also have a tendency to eat when we feel like it (or when we are actually hungry) on weekends.

Remember when I talked about Strangers at 47 at one point? Yep, we went back there again last night. Well, the plan was to have roti canai and/or banana leaf rice at the Indian restaurant a few doors away from Strangers at 47 but we had a change of heart after parking our car and decided to just have something at the cafe instead.

What I like about this cafe is that they don’t try too hard to churn out perfection from their kitchens.

You can see it in their interior decoration.

A clean lightwood contemporarty interior with polished cement walls, black pendant lamps, light brown woodtop tables, and bright lights to bring out the expansive atmosphere within the cafe. They were initially a one-store cafe and if the place was crowded, you often see people leaving even after they have just arrived as there were not enough tables to go round. After their recent renovation during the long Raya holidays, they now occupy two stores and can seat even more people. It looks bigger, brighter, and more spacious than ever!

You can see it in their customer service.

Unlike some cafes that I’ve been to, there were either not enough cafe personnel to cater to you or too many staff on hand that they would just be lazily chatting to one another, too engrossed in their gossip to entertain you. From what I saw in the cafe last night, there were noticeably 5 to 6 cafe staff at the forefront, while the rest worked behind the scenes in the kitchen. At least 2 or 3 were at the bar and counter, manning the cash register, brewing your beverages, or concocting and creating your desserts. The other 3 or 4 were walking around and attending to the customers.

You can see it in their menu. 

If you haven’t been to the cafe yet, let me tell you what their main item is on the menu. Crepes. According to Wikipedia, a crepe is a “type of thin pancake made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour which originates from Brittany in France.” They have all manners of crepes, a section on side orders and desserts, as well as your every day coffee and tea. The savoury crepes are on the first page of the menu, with the sweet crepes coming in second, followed by the desserts, side orders, and beverages. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Eggcited About Cheese

And so we decided to give their savoury crepes a try this time, since we’ve had their sweet ones before and they had been wonderful and accommodating to our tastebuds.

My ‘Eggcited About Cheese’ crepe (above) came stuffed to the brim with a hash brown, a sunny-side up, melted mozzarella, rocket salad, chicken chorizo, tomato sauce, and basil. The tangy tomato sauce made my tastebuds tingle with the stretchy, melted mozzarella and chewy chicken chorizo settling in with a cozy feeling in my mouth, like tucking yourself in for the night under your blankets like a burrito. The sunny-side up was done well, with runny yolk and soft egg whites. The hash brown was crispy on the outside and warm on the inside. It was so good that I mopped up every tasty morsel on my plate!

My husband went for the ‘Not Your Local Beef’ (below) which was pretty unique. How often would you be able to have your steak and eat it within a crepe? Char-grilled Australian sirloin steak folded between the crepe and topped with two large breaded onion rings, tomato relish, sour cream mayo coleslaw, and black olives. His request of having it medium was neatly done, and I guess because my husband is a steak-lover, he enjoyed every bite of his crepey meal.

Not Your Local Beef

Because I didn’t have my matcha latte this time, I decided to have it in my affogato. Or should I call it, matchagato (below)! Yes, that’s what it’s called. It piqued my interest when I saw it and my initial thoughts of it were confirmed.

A scoop of vanilla ice cream with white and dark chocolate pieces, matcha powder, and a mint leaf garnish. It was different and strangely delicious. Although, once the ice cream has melted into a liquified goodness, there is a strong tendency of an overpowering green tea taste towards the end. Then again, nothing can be stranger than the Kacang Tumbuk Affogato I had at Battery Acid Club.


Well it was an overall new and exciting experience for me, partly because of the savoury crepes. I usually have crepes for dessert and never as a main course. The way the cafes are going at this rate, eventually everyone will be having breakfast for dinner and desserts as your main course. Which is pretty much happening already these days.

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