Photography in Motion.

Hello readers,

Here’s a totally different post for today. Because you guys have done a wonderful job reading and keeping up with my blog these past few days. Also, we need a change of scenery. We all need a change of scenery once in awhile, don’t we?

Anyway, I’m sharing a couple of photography cheat sheets today because I will be away the following weekend for a trip that is long past due to happen. I will finally be able to bring my trusty Samsung NX Mini that seems to have been built solely for landscape and food photography purposes. So I’d like to put that to good use when I go away for my holiday.

So, without further ado…

Image courtesy of Hand Luggage Only.
Image courtesy of Hand Luggage Only.

The thought of holiday photography just brought this to mind, when I came across them in a travel website here at It is a great website, managed by two blokes called Yaya and Lloyd. They have a casual writing style, with a hint of humour and lots of great photos in their content. Check it out when you can. They even include tips on how to travel, how to pack for short- and long-term travelling, and where are the best places in a destination to get good food, as well as on photography!

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