Food for Thought: Managing Expectations.


Weekends have always been our favourite time of the week, especially if you have a busy work week and all you want to have is some downtime. Weekends are also our favourite time of the week to sleep in and wake up only in time for lunch. Most of the time, we miss the proper lunch hour where most restaurants remain open until about 3:00pm. It is this time when we end up visiting cafes, old and new, for what’s interesting on their menu.

Sudo Brew is always our destination when we’re out scavenging for grub. Despite being challenged for size and seating area, they’re always packed with patrons whenever we’re there. Yesterday, we decided to have their RM21 version of a full breakfast which comes with a slice of bread (in this case, a buttered and lightly toasted croissant), scrambled eggs, and 4 sides – sauteed mushrooms, quartered cherry tomatoes, beef bacon, and chicken sausage.

As crowded as it was, the cafe staff knew how to manage our expectations by giving us a heads-up of the food taking awhile to arrive. 45 minutes, I think they said, but it came to our table in less than 45 minutes. Good on them for managing our hunger, more like it. Anyhow, it didn’t really matter so much since I had my book with me and I was engrossed in a chapter by the time our orders arrived.

Here’s what I thought about the food:

  • The scrambled eggs were not as light and fluffy as most places I’ve been to
  • The chicken sausage was just about right, though a little too large for me to finish
  • The sauteed mushrooms were a little too salty for my tastebuds
  • The cherry tomatoes were sweet and juicy enough, and I wished there were more
  • The beef bacon slices were a little tough to chew but otherwise not too salty
  • The croissant was toasted just right – with that light flaky bits falling off with each bite

Overall, it was alright. A little expensive as only a few items were on the plate. I also opted to try their iced matcha latte instead of my usual hot, but you know what, I’m sorry to report that it is still below my expectations. I’m not looking for the perfect matcha latte. I just want a thick and creamy concoction, not quite like a smoothie, but not too watered down or diluted either. So far, Coffea Coffee, Antipodean, and Second Sunday have gotten it right for me. Heck, even the matcha latte that I had in Starbucks last Friday was better than this!

After our time-sensitive, breakfast-for-lunch episode, we decided to head back home. It’s a rare thought but on our way back to our condo, we spotted an advertising billboard for BMW. The BMW is one of the premium car brands in Malaysia alongside Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen, to name a few.

The price tag that was stated on the billboard prompted a thoughtful moment between my husband and I. The OTR (on-the-road) price for a BMW was from RM388,000 which is quite expensive, but if this was how much a residential property costs in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, then it is quite affordable! Funny how the concept of price is reversed when you look at it at a different angle.

Oh well. Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you didn’t get the blues waking up this morning after yet another lovely weekend!

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