Cats Ahoy! Brothers, Inseparable.


Despite being the older and bigger resident cat, Loki (our first rescued cat) was the more docile and reserved cat. He didn’t behave like your regular alpha male. He preferred to sit on the floor instead, and leaned against walls with that regal, quiet expression on his face. He minded his own business most of the time.

Chibi (our second rescued cat), on the other hand, was the feisty and active half of the feline friendship. He played with all the toys in the room, batting the little balls around the floor and chased after the feather teasers. He constantly came over to inspect our feet, climbing over our outstretched legs like they were hills and ridges for him to explore.

It melts our hearts to see them adjusting so well with each other. We were worried at first, but they proved us wrong. They are so adorable together, even if one played more than the other. Chibi is still suffering from bloating, which we suspect are worms causing the problem so we have given him specific deworming medication. Speedy recovery, little one!

Chibi’s presence have made a few changes in our lives as well. We’re much more attentive now with them, and we’ve also noticed a more permanent and positive change in Loki’s demeanor and behaviour. Yet, despite their differences, they are inseparable. They had been wary on the first night of meeting one another but they became fast friends and sat side by side when we weren’t in the room with them.


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