The Perfect Little Brother.

It has been a year and a half since we last adopted our first cat, Loki. When he first came to us, he was a small and timid little cat. Now he’s grown up to be a fat and rather lazy cat. I suppose that’s what all cats are like. Except that he was a really clingy and needy cat. He would meow at the slightest noise and whine for attention at every given moment.

Last Friday, after we came back to our condo from having dinner at my parents’ place, I caught something dashing beneath our car from the corner of my eye. That thing dashed back out again and when my eyes refocused, that thing turned out to be a tiny grey and white kitten. It wouldn’t stop rubbing itself against my husband’s ankles, and then it hopped over to my feet and began doing the same.

One thing led to another and now, we could possibly call ourselves proud parents of two boys. A weekend later, after much observation, we noticed that Loki meowed much less and whined even lesser for attention. He was more content and was happy to lie against the wall of his room.



Looks like we’ve found the answer to our situation. All Loki needed was a companion and perhaps a little brother to play with and watch over. They do have their occasional scuffle moments, the rough-and-tumble play that cats enjoy. But we keep a close eye on the two, particularly because the other one is much smaller and younger than Loki and we don’t want the bigger one to become a big bully.


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