Food Review: Portofino, Bangsar.

It was a truly enchanting and delightful dinner that I had last night with my parents, my husband, and another friend. It was my dad’s birthday yesterday, so we decided to have the celebration at Portofino, an Italian restaurant located at a corner of a row of shophouses in Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

Upon entering the premises, you can almost hear your bank account screaming at you to get the hell out of there. The bar was on the lower floor, with some tables for diners. Rows of pristine, clear champagne and wine glasses hung on the back of the bar in shelves as well as overhead above the lady bartender. The interior was dark and woody, quiet with a hint of music in the background.

Our table was on the upper floor so we headed up the stairs where we found my parents already seated and waiting to order.

We took awhile to place our orders because the menu was so extensive. There were many food items and beverages that the restaurant offered, and because we just came straight from work, our minds were tired and had to refocus. Eventually, we settled on our choices and waited for them to bring the dishes to our table.

Below are the smorgasbord of what we had last night:

Roasted vegetables – onions, aubergine, red and orange capsicum, mushrooms, carrots, and cucumbers.
Seafood salad – prawns, squid rings, romaine lettuce, onion rings, tomatoes, yellow capsicum, and black olives.
Rack of lamb with potato wedges and what looked like vegetable salsa at the bottom.
Four Seasons pizza with toppings of black olives, mushrooms, turkey ham, and chicken.
Steak with potato wedges, vegetables salsa, and the remainder of the seafood salad.
Salmon carpaccio – romaine lettuce, carrots, black olives, smoked salmon, and fresh oranges.
Creme brulee with a maraschino cherry on top, and an affogato in the background.
The afore-mentioned affogato made with Kahlua, espresso, and ice cream.

The food was pretty good actually. Although, given the entire layout and atmosphere of the restaurant, you would have to expect the kind of pricing for each item on the menu. Each were reasonably priced, don’t worry, and the presentation of each meal does put your mind at ease.

The waiters were pleasant, served us with a smile, although there were times when you’d wonder, why aren’t the mint sauce, the vinegar and olive oil dip for bread, and the spare plate for someone who is sharing common requirements without us having to ask for them.

I wouldn’t mind going back there from time to time, but of course, with some financial cushion in my bank account or I’d be broke by the time I’m done with my dessert.

If you want to know more about the place, you can read the reviews at Bangsar Babe, The Yum List, and Malaysian Flavours.

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