My Public Holiday Shenanigans.

Weekends and public holidays are meant for our overworked minds to sleep in and wake up later than we normally do on working days.

Which was what my husband and I did on Wednesday, 22 June 2016. It was yet another public holiday for Malaysians. We have so many public holidays in our calendar that even I can’t keep track of them. By the time we were up and about was way past noon. Lunch was kind of out of the question, so we decided to have a heavier tea time meal instead.


Our day began with some salted caramel cake at Second Sunday. Though, the cake was a little too dry for my liking. You could only taste the salted caramel flavour in the cream which is on top of the cake as well as in between the layers. Not that much taste but I guess they weren’t going for the overwhelming, overpowering sensation then.


Next up was a side order of hot wings. Unlike the one in Epicuro, which looked more like spicy mayo and buttered chicken with bird’s eye chilli for a spicy sensation, the one in Second Sunday was really doused and marinated in some hot and spicy sauce, with a few sesame seeds sprinkled on top, and cooked until it’s nice and brown all over. Heck, it was so spicy that even I couldn’t take it. Now that’s what I call “hot wings”!



Our pancake orders ended in a typical fashion. The classic stack with butter, maple syrup, strawberries, and bananas for him, and a stack of peppermint and chocolate pancakes with ice cream for me. Despite having not ordered any main course, we still had trouble finishing them. Five slices of pancake with choice toppings and fruity decorations was no laughing matter. I need to rethink my mealtime strategy!

However, the only thing that stood out was my tall glass of iced green tea latte. Ooh, now that was spectacular!

A short update on the kitten rescue though.

I’m deeply saddened by the news that the kitten hasn’t been eating and it has only been sleeping more than ever. My first thought was that perhaps it was still young, very young, and had lost its mother at too young an age. Yet, despite all the efforts taken by my cousin and her husband to care for it, the sudden turn of events has gotten my heart pumping harder than ever.

I may not be as big a cat lover as my husband, but even this can be enough to reduce me to a blubbering fool. My thoughts and prayers are with the kitty. She has since been brought back to the vet for further treatment and observation. I just hope there can be some miracle somewhere. If God really exists, then please help the kitten.



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