What to Get for Dad.

Father’s Day is not very far away (oh look, I managed to rhyme that line) now. Have you guys thought of anything to get for your dads? Well, neither have I but it would seem that my dad (and my mum too, on her birthday and for Mother’s Day) has forbidden my sister and I from getting him any presents. Reason being that we should be saving the money for when we really need it, and not spending haphazardly on trivial gifts. They prefer to have a special family meal instead, at the restaurant of their choice.

Well, that’s fine by me. But what about you? Not every parent will see things the way mine does. Here, let me get the ball rolling for you.

Below are some of the categories that I can think of to give you a headstart. These are just some suggestions, because I believe that the presents you buy should be a perfect fit for your dad.

For the Backyard Barbecue Boss

Image credits: www.meatcart.com.au.

Get your dad a rugged yet fancy barbecue grill set so he can let his inner Robert Rainford shine. Check some of the affordable grillers here at SeriousEats.com.

For the Business / Leisure Traveller

Image credits: www.petergreenberg.com.

Whether your dad travels for business or leisure, he will still need a durable travel bag. Get an idea for some of the tough travel bags here at Dappered.com.

For the Cool and Fancy Groomer

Image credits: www.uncommongoods.com.

Don’t let your dad step out of the house with the odd pimple or out-of-line facial hair. You could look at TopMenShavers.com or GroomNStyle.com for an inkling of what to get.

For the Superstar Chef

2016-06-10 12_49_19-Program Manager
Image credits: www.ebay.com.

Time to whip out those knives, strike a Top Chef pose, and possibly put Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver to shame. Slice and dice your perfect Father’s Day gift with options from Williams-Sonoma.com or MetroKitchen.com.

For the Classic Timekeeper

Image credits: www.fastcodesign.com.

Make your dad the center of attention with a classic timepiecewhen he steps out of the house for the formal black-tie event with your mum. Browse through the galleries of AskMen.com and GearPatrol.com for more ideas.

For the Professional Golfer

Image credits: www.stokkendokter.nl.

FORE! Make sure he hits a hole-in-one, and not kill a kingfisher like my dad did on one of his golf outings. It was wholly unintentional. Instead of a hole-in-one, he got a birdie. We aren’t all golfers but we know a birdie when we see one. Get your club sets here at BestProducts.com or if you need more time, have a look at Golf.com.

For the Addicted Coffee Drinker

Image credits: www.geheimshop.de.

You know what I think? I think that coffee machines are overrated. Really. Hippie cafes are popping up all over Klang Valley, and no matter how many have mushroomed in the past couple of years, each and every cafe still has a crowd and seats are hard to find.

Don’t get him another coffee machine (chances are, you already bought one for your mum!). No. Get him something unique, like this CTRL-ALT-DEL coffee cup set (above). Why not? It looks so cool, you might even keep them for yourself!

Pull your brothers and sisters and put your heads together. You have about a week to go before the real deal rolls round. Plan well, and your dad will be pleasantly surprised. Happy gift-hunting, everyone!

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