A D.I.Y. Project using Discarded Tiles.

What happens when you have a box of dusty, discarded wall or floor tiles in your home? Do you get rid of them? Or turn them into a D.I.Y. project?

Precisely what I did.

Some years back, my uncle noticed a pile of discarded items on the front yard outside my next-door neighbour’s home. Famous among my family and relatives for being a hoarder, he got curious and went rifling through the pile. My mother was a little peeved at his behaviour but she thought better than to reprimand him for it and left him alone. What he discovered was “treasure” (to quote him), and eventually passed me two boxes of coloured and textured tiles. I think they looked like wall tiles and sample tiles to me. Without a word to my mother, I took the boxes from him and when I moved into my condo with my husband, the tiles came along as well.


Voila! A pair of industrial homemade bookends made entirely from the discarded tiles, glued together with fast-drying UHU paste. Why not? It was free. It was easy. And it was the fastest do-it-yourself project I have ever completed! Also, because I had so many tiles to choose from, admittedly I was spoilt for choice, but you can use your own imagination and turn them into whatever you want them to look like!

Not bad, eh?


The collage above shows a simple 5-step process for the project, with the 6th step on your bottom right being the end result. All you need are a few of your favourite coloured or textured tiles, and a tube of fast-drying UHU glue or industrial strength glue (tiles can be pretty heavy, so ordinary glue won’t work on them). That was the best part of the project. Only two materials were needed. Tiles and glue.

Now I won’t have to spend so much money buying a fancy or unique pair of bookends.

So the next time you find your home buried under piles of junk, don’t throw them out just yet. See if they can be used and turned into some handy household item or decorative piece. Save yourself the dollars and cents, free up some time, and start getting busy. I still have remaining tiles in the box so I’ll try and think of something else to do with them.


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