Hello, June.

Wow, it’s June already? Time really flew by quickly. And what have I accomplished lately?

To be honest, nothing much. Which makes me feel a little depressed too. Here’s what happened in my 2016 that I am still not happy about:

  1. I was jobless in January.
  2. I fell behind in my 2016 Reading Challenge on Goodreads.
  3. I never found time to get some exercise.
  4. My home is still looking as cluttered as ever, if not more.

So these are what I haven’t accomplished during the first 5 months and why I should really try get some stuff done in the remaining half of the year:

Find a Full-Time Job


Correction: I did find a job but it wasn’t a full-time, permanent one. I signed a contract in April 2016 but it was for a three-month stint. Which means that by the end of June, I’ll be back out on the streets, begging for another stint to hold me down or a permanent one where I can stay and grow with the company. I have to find one soon because I know damn well my bills won’t pay themselves.

Read More Books

Image credits: Why to Read.

You know what they say, “So many books, so little time.”

Yeah, that’s the simplest explanation I have for why I’ve fallen down my own personal pecking order of the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge that I set for myself. I pledged to read 50 books in the whole of 2016 but guess what? I’ve only completed no more than 10 books and it’s already June. I think I might have over-extended my reading capabilities. Or I was feeling a bit over-the-moon when I finished reading 20 books last year.

I need to be S(pecific).M(easurable).A(ttainable).R(elevant).T(imely).-er when setting my reading goals next year.

Get Fit and Healthy

Image credits: www.theeap.com.

By getting fit and healthy, I don’t mean losing weight to look thin and skinny. In this age, we all know the cons of a sedentary working lifestyle. Many of us are plugged in to our smart devices at the office, from charging smartphones to firing up the laptops for an key meeting with a potential client.

But that’s the problem with the working culture today. We sit down more than we stand up! So that’s why I’ve vowed to do more than just sitting down at the desk. Except that I haven’t really found the time nor day to really put in a good and solid couple of hours to work out. I’ve had plans. But I kind of slacked off on carrying them out. Which is bad.

Though, I know what I need to do first: Get a good pair of sports shoes because my old one is wearing out fast.

Declutter My Home

Image credits: www.hurleylibrary.org.

Yeah, you know when it’s time to declutter your home when no matter how many items you throw away or give away, you feel as though your home is not tidy enough. And somehow, stuff still find their way back into your home in the form of other things.

For one, my husband and I have recently gone through a couple of boxes and made our smaller guest room neater. But when he left his old job to move to a better one, he cleared out his locker at the old office and junk somehow came back home anyway. Now we’re back to clearing out boxes again.

It’s a never-ending battle with clutter, that’s for sure.

But that’s me. I hope your year has been going well.

Have you (or haven’t you) accomplished anything so far during the last six months? If not, do you have any plans of tackling them in the second half of the year?

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