What to Do with Friends Over the Weekend.


There are many ways to enjoy the weekend. You can read your book or start a new one. You can watch some movies or catch up with your drama series. Or you can finally do your spring cleaning with a hint of jazz.

But the best part about it is that you’re now free to have fun and go out with your friends. And that’s what I did.

It was unplanned, but the message first came in on a bright Saturday afternoon. My phone beeped and it was a social request for a get-together that same night after dinner. Since we rarely have time to see one another during the busy work week, we agreed to have dinner and drinks, instead of just one thing.

7:30pm it was at a cafe called Second Sunday. Remember the tower of pandan-flavoured pancakes and the two plates of yummy, super-delicious pasta? Yes, that very same place. Alright, click the link again if you can’t remember but really, if you’re ever in the area, you should give that place a try.

But you know how life is, don’t you? It never lets you have the things you want, and it almost always never goes the way you want it to go.

Fast forward the few hours of our Saturday afternoon, and after finishing the whole movie of ‘Meet the Fockers’ on HBO, I received a text from my friend that her GPS might have led her astray! Oh dear. See, this is why I don’t really trust an automated female voice giving me instructions on where to turn and which lane to be on. Not because the GPS is unreliable. Rather, the roads may have changed to accommodate the rapid developments in the country but whoever designed the GPS probably hasn’t updated the maps yet.

So round and round my husband and I went, looking high and low for our dear friend. In the end, we had to settle for Sudo Brew because by the time we reached Second Sunday, it was shuttered up and Sudo Brew was the only cafe that was opened 24/7. What a pity, really. I was hoping to share the delights of Second Sunday with my guest that night.

Photo above: A plate of Japan vs. Thai which I had for dinner that night. Cold soba noodles with fried chicken and loads of various condiments. There were strips of seaweed, onion rings, feta cheese, salad leaves, coriander, cherry tomatoes, and waaaaay too much bird’s eye chilli (fondly known as ‘cili padi’ in Malaysia). So much so that I ended my night with a pair of hot lips. Not in a sexual way, sadly.

Oh well. You can’t have your cake and eat it. Likewise, life doesn’t always lets you have what you want. But hey, it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. At least my friend made it that night, with her partner in tow, and the four of us had fun and enjoyed ourselves. That’s what matters. That your friends’ night out happened all the same, despite the occasional hazard, and that you all have a great time.

Remember, there’s always a silver lining somewhere. You just gotta look hard enough.

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