Mmm… French Toast…


What happens when you run out of breakfast ideas? You’ve had pancakes. You’ve gobbled down all the ham sandwiches. You’ve even gone as far as to having various toppings on your oatmeal for the last three days! The last thing you want is more oatmeal.

After doing a quick comb-over of your kitchen, you realised that all you have left in your kitchen are eggs and bread because you haven’t had the time to do your weekly grocery shopping.

Well then, it’s high time we made some French toast!

Mum used to make French toast for my sister and I when we were young. It was much simpler than how I make them today. Just a couple of eggs, some fresh milk, salt and soy sauce to taste. Just like that, and a batch of hot, steaming French toast slices were ready to be eaten. It was my favourite childhood breakfast staple. She would make them in the morning for breakfast before we went to school. She would pack some in our tuckboxes to bring to school during recess. Sometimes, she would make extra so we can have them for tea when we came home from school. And on sick days, I’d get to eat them too.

So, what are you waiting for?


  • Eggs (2 or 3)
  • Fresh bread (whole, halved, or quartered)
  • Fresh milk
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Black or white pepper
  • Soy sauce (I used roasted garlic sauce)
  • Mixed herbs or oregano


  1. Crack your preferred number of eggs into a bowl and fluff them up with a fork.
  2. Add some fresh milk, herbs, parmesan cheese, and soy sauce to the eggs.
  3. Quarter the slices of bread you have and dunk them into your bowl of beaten eggs.
  4. At low heat, melt some butter and coat it over the pan so the eggs won’t stick to the surface.
  5. Soak all your slices up with egg before placing them nicely onto your non-stick pan.
  6. Let them cook to a nice shade of brown before flipping them over.
  7. Do the same for 5 and 6 to the rest of your slices.

Blogger’s Note:

You are more than welcomed to cook them however you like. I used 3 eggs because I wanted the remaining egg mixture to make an omelette. Also, mine looked more like 50 shades of brown because I liked them tall, dark and handsome. I mean, slightly crispy on the outside, dark and tasty on the inside. #sorrynotsorry

Some people would soak the entire slice instead of halving or quartering them. Others, would drizzle honey and chocolate syrup all over their French toast before dropping some fruit on the side. Also, if you’re particular about having your French toast coated evenly, then by all means, make sure they are. I was too hungry to wait for them to look good.

Eat them any way you want, as long as you’re happy, why not?

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