Don’t Lose Sleep Over It.


How many times have we welcomed the weekend only to come back to work on Monday feeling like we still needed more hours to unwind?

Do you often feel that way? That you were so hyped up on Friday, and going over your plans with your friends to paint the town red. Only to realise that by Sunday night, you don’t feel as though you had enough time to switch off and reset your brain.

I’m sure we’ve all gone through that period one way or another. Some of us get off at being able to remain active even after a hectic and productive work week. While the rest of us have to shut out the world and lock ourselves at home. Perhaps that’s why some are called ‘extroverts’ and the rest are called ‘introverts’. Regardless of our labels, we have to draw the line and still find time to unwind. You may not notice it now, but it will take a toll on you, sooner or later.

Not sure what to do or how to start? Well, you can take a leaf out of my book and improvise as you go along. Or you can find your own balance that suits your style. But this is what my routine looks like on a regular weekend basis:

What happens at the office stays at the office


The first thing I do on Friday evening is to leave my work and all the stress and troubles at the door of the office. “You guys can stay here and I’ll be back for you on Monday,” I would tell myself, before leaving. You just have to remember to really take them back or you’ll be in big trouble.

Bringing work home with me will only serve to make me feel more tired than I already am, and I wouldn’t feel as though I’ve rested at all! If you really have a lot to do, you can always try and finish as much as possible on Friday, or come in earlier on Monday. Whatever you do, your weekend has to be really for you.

Do what you love best


Read a book. Do yoga. Practise your Pilates. Listen to music. Catch up on your favourite TV dramas, telenovelas, or soap operas. Whatever you have been wanting to do all throughout your busy week, now it’s the right time to do it.

Although, if you do read a book, listen to music, or watch your favourite series:

  • Make sure that it really is a book you’re reading, and not a thick stack of documents your boss told you to bring home.
  • Make sure that it really is music you’re listening to, and not a saved audio of the meeting that you missed.
  • Make sure that it really is Secret Garden (Korean), La Usurpadora (Spanish), or Days of Our Lives (American) you’re watching, and not a video tutorial on how to close the best sales of your life.

Relax and unwind, switch off and reset your mind

Offline arrow with beach background

Ultimately, it comes down to what you find as the most relaxing thing to do that suits you. For me, although it is hard to believe, I am actually able to disconnect from cyber-reality, and reconnect with actual-reality.

I usually leave my phone on the dining table of my condo and not pick it up unless I’m going out for the day. It’s not something that I can go cold Turkey with but I am putting in effort to look at my phone less, and do something else more meaningful with my life instead.

Also, be sure to have a good sleeping habit. It is always better to have a good rest the night before and wake up early and fresh the next day, than to sleep at 5:00am and wake up way past noon. Trust me, I’ve done that before and it wasn’t pretty. When I woke up the next day, it felt as though half my day was gone, I was hungry, and I had a throbbing headache.

So, do yourself a favour and save your brain health. You’ll be grateful and thankful for it in the long run too!

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