Emotions at the Mere Touch of Decor.

Image credits: Decoist.

Hello everybody, aren’t you glad it’s Friday already?

Yes, I tend to make my lines rhyme sometimes. And it actually sounds nicer too. Not to mention, a little poetic as well. Since it’s already the end of yet another harrowing and busy work week, here’s a little something to read that is easy on the eyes.

Nothing consequential. Just an example of my version of paradise. This is how I’d love my living room to look like one day. Beautiful, yes? A couple of matching poufs (or ottomans), a couple of large, cozy armchairs and plush throw pillows for reading (I’ll probably doze off in it too), a neat dual-tone carpet on hardwood floors, and a long white bookshelf for all my beloved books! What’s even better is that the books have all been arranged according to the colours of the rainbow! It’s so pretty, don’t you think? You can even install 4 spotlights to your ceiling with each spotlight highlighting each section of your bookshelf. Wow. I’m breathless and speechless at the same time. I’m amazed and amused too.

But… I’m sure it only looks good in pictures. Wait ’til you’ve done up your living room to look like this and I can guarantee you won’t want to sit in it. For fear of messing things up or dirtying the area. Or, you might actually use it but later on, you’ll find it a chore to maintain it. Perhaps it is just in our Malaysian climate where the humidity level can cause a lot of dirt and dust to settle. You’ll spend more time dusting and wiping than actually sitting there and enjoying yourself.

What I loved, though, about my uncle and aunt’s place in London was that they could have built-in bookshelves all over their home, but because of the cold climate, they rarely have to dust that often. I’m jealous and envious now.

If you’d like to see other samples, you can go to Modular Styles to see more.

Happy hunting, and a have a great weekend!

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