Food Review: Madame Waffle.

madame waffles

Let’s call this e-pressure. Short for internet pressure.

Because I’ve seen so many photos and reviews uploaded by people on their Instagram feeds and their blogs that made it all the more tempting to try out. And I finally did last night.

Madame Waffle is its name, and Belgian waffles meeting Japanese flavours is its game (and tagline). But the waffles don’t just come on its own. They have your classic plain, a variety of infused flavours, and premium toppings that tantalises your tastebuds and makes you feel like you “gotta have ’em all!”.

Madame Waffle is a Japanese-styled, contemporary quick-service cafe specialising in serving artisanal Belgian waffles (known as liège), specialty house-blend coffee and green tea. The liège waffles are prepared using the finest ingredients imported from Japan and baked fresh daily on site. The coffee blends are made with specially-roasted beans by Johor’s W Espresso Sporting Club under the trained eye and supervision of Master Barista Chye Yuan Feng.

Other outlets, besides the one here in Mid Valley Megamall, include 1 Utama Shopping Mall, The Gardens, and Putrajaya’s iOi City Mall.

musang creme brulee

Perhaps it was new to me, so it tasted really good. But the portion itself as a dessert was just right. Imagine having had a bowl of beef yakiniku with rice and a poached egg, one-third of a bowl of udon noodle soup, and a stick of chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken) before heading for dessert. So that plate of a Belgian waffle with my choice of toppings was just what I needed.

I had my Belgian waffle topped off with a creamy layer of the famous Musang King durian, with a crispy and thin golden layer, creme brulee-style. Hallf a strawberry sat on either side of my plate and accompanied by a blueberry each. Cornflakes dotted the perimeter of my plate with a sprinkling of sweet icing powder. The waffle was fresh straight out of the oven, and the creamy durian-flavoured layer felt so heavenly. It was almost similar to eating the real durian flesh itself!

I’ve never been much of a fan of strawberries though, but that one piece was quite big compared to the ones I usually buy from the supermarket to make smoothies. And it looked redder too, so thankfully, it was sweeter than most that I’ve had before.

Because there were less customers by the time we had our desserts, the service was prompt. The fellow at the counter was pretty helpful too, patiently explaining the different types of waffles on the menu and answering our tedious questions. Again, due to the lack of crowds, the waffles came pretty fast. I liked the presentation. It made the photo-taking and Instagramming more bearable, hee hee.

It was a pity, though, that I had a heavy dinner prior to having my dessert at Madame Waffle. I wanted to have their matcha waffle with their matcha latte. I actually wanted more than what I had ordered. But then again, that would seem rather greedy, no? It doesn’t matter. I know they have a branch here, and there’s one in 1 Utama Shopping Mall as well, so I will probably make another trip back there and try something else from the menu.

Find out more about Madame Waffle here at EatDrinkKL | Burpple | Malaysian Flavours


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