A Little Dessert Will Go A Long Way.

An array of cakes. Credits: Lifehack.

People tend to think of the correlation between health and desserts as being negative. That desserts can be destructive to your health and diet. Come to think of it, perhaps only our parents would think and say that, right?

We were all brought up with the idea that desserts are bad for you. Too much chocolate and sweets will give you bad teeth. Too much ice cream will give you diabetes. Too much cake will make you fat. Yada, yada, yada. Yes, we get the point. But what if it’s only a small portion of ice cream, cake, and/or chocolate that we want? It’s not as though we’re going to polish off a tub of Ben & Jerry’s on our own, are we? It’s not like we’re going to chew our way through an entire bar of Cadbury’s. And it’s definitely not like we’re going to wipe out the whole tray of cute little cakes at the cafe counter either.

Well, today, I’m going to tell you to have your cake and eat it.


Believe it or not, desserts CAN be good for you. In small doses.



A couple of days ago, my husband and I had dinner with a friend at one of our favourite Japanese restaurants. We didn’t think of having any desserts after our meals but since we weren’t done with our catching up, we decided to have at least one more item on the menu to tide us by. And so, ice cream it was. He had the melon ball, which tasted more like honeydew and packed in that cute little turquoise-coloured ball-shaped container. And I had the black sesame ice cream, which was actually pretty good!

Because my husband has diabetes Type 2, we rarely ever have much desserts to begin with. We don’t want to make things worse than it already is. But once in awhile, we let our guard down. Why? Well, I’m about to tell you that ice cream can actually be good for you.


Desserts are actually packed with nutrients, improve your weight control, and offer a convenient opportunity to incorporate more fruits into your diet. Desserts can make you happy too, and while you’re at it, they can remedy the negative side effects of dieting too! I bet you never saw these coming, did you? Don’t believe me? Here, read this Lifehack article then. See if it makes a difference.

Ice cream, on the other hand, has its own multitude of dairy goodness, as well. For one, it stimulates the brain, reduces the risk of cancer, and is a source of vitamins, energy, and minerals. Nope, I definitely didn’t see this coming either. I  didn’t believe it myself until I saw this Mag For Women article. Here, read it. Then you can have the Magnum ice cream that you’ve been eyeing for so long. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mum!

magnum ice cream
Does this make you want one now?

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